30 December 2009

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I was hoping to write a couple more posts before taking a break for Christmas, but my schedule just didn't allow it. There's so much going on this time of year, and the kids have two weeks off from school which pretty much eliminates my Sasha time.

There were lots of Sasha-related gifts at my house this year. Boo received several presents for Calla and Rose under the Christmas tree, including Magic Attic clothing and accessories, and gorgeous hand-painted furniture. I hope to share pictures and more information once life quiets down a bit. I purchased a new doll on eBay as a gift for myself, a 1969 Brunette Party (with "perfect" hair, that of course turned out to be very fragile). I also bought this cute white tree from Prilly Charmin (thanks to Kelly for the information), which Boo decided Calla and Rose would enjoy decorating. My 9-year old son made the star for the top.

Calla's gingerbread men dress was made by eBay seller specialdelivery2006, while Rose's gold star dress is from Nellie Rose.

07 December 2009

Display Cabinets

We're adding a puppy to our family (he'll be here tomorrow!). In preparation, I needed to make sure that all of my Sashas are somewhere safe. My sister had picked up a second display cabinet for me on a trip to IKEA, which sat in boxes for ages before my husband kindly assembled it for me. He also drilled additional holes in both of the cabinets so that I could create smaller sections at the top and bottom using the adjustable shelves. I plan to buy some archival binders and boxes to store my paper paraphernalia and special clothing in those spaces.

It took me a while to decide where everyone should stand, with lots of shuffling. Since almost all of my dolls are in the cabinets now, I decided to share some pictures. One cabinet contains my Gotz dolls, and the other contains most of my English dolls (my five "dressing dolls" are elsewhere in the house).

Here is the Gotz cabinet, grouped by age:

Here is the English cabinet, grouped by hair color (alas, poor Giselle's stringing is too loose for her to stand safely):

I'm really pleased with how these look so far. After the holidays I plan to spend some time organizing all the bits and pieces.

02 December 2009

Meet Miranda

The weather hasn't been cooperating lately; we've had rain or overcast skies whenever I have some free time to take pictures. I finally gave in and took pictures anyway.

Miranda is a stunner, purchased from the collection of Audrey Femmer. She is my fourth Gotz no-navel. Like Muriel she is a brunette from 1970, but unlike Muriel she has long uncut hair. She arrived nude, and I've dressed her in a yellow corduroy dress from Dayzees by Randall Craig.

Hopefully we'll see the sun soon, and I can take some pictures of Miranda and Muriel together for comparison. Muriel looks forlorn to me, while Miranda looks shy.

24 November 2009

Ballet Costumes

As a talented ballerina, Giselle has done a lot of dancing ... and acquired a couple of costumes along the way.

Instead of the traditional short white tutu, she wears plum when portraying the Sugarplum Fairy. This special outfit was made by Ruth at the Etsy shop from daisy daisy, and is simply stunning. Here's part of her description from the listing: "The ballet dress is made in a combination of lavender silk dupion and ivory tulle. The bodice is lavishly hand-embroidered with pure silk ivory ribbon rosebuds and hand-beaded with tiny faux pearls, and is underlined and lined with cotton lawn." It really is as luxurious as she makes it sound.

I'm particularly fond of Giselle's portrayal of Princess Aurora in the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Here she's wearing a pink sparkly Wee Wardrobe outfit that I found at Beverly's Doll & Bear Boutique, and a tiara crown purchased from ebay seller lovvbugg.

Doll, ballerina, princess ... I'm living my childhood dreams in middle age. :-)

17 November 2009

Meet Giselle

Giselle is a very special Sasha doll. She is my first "no philtrum" (this groove between the nose and upper lip was added to the mold in 1968), and will probably be my only one since they are hard to find and quite expensive. As a redhead, she started life as either a "dungarees" or a "ballet". For a change of pace from my other early redheads (who all came to me with their original dungarees clothing), I've dressed her in a Repro Ballet Outfit from Ruths Dolls.

Giselle's neck/leg stringing is fairly loose, but she can stand by herself. And I'm still working on taming her hair, especially her bangs. She's beautiful now, and with a little work I'm sure she'll be even more spectacular.

Here's a final shot of her eyes. I just love her feathery lashes.

05 November 2009

New Fall Dresses

The weather is finally cooling down here, so I've changed the "five amigos" into some lovely fall dresses made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe. I was thrilled to find five coordinating dresses at a reasonable price, and even more thrilled when I saw them in person. Perfect! It took a while to get all five girls dressed, mostly because I had a hard time deciding who should wear which dress, which shoes, and which tights/socks. And of course they all needed to have their hair brushed. Whew!

I wanted an outdoor picture with leaves in the background, which was easier said than done. They're all looking upward, since otherwise the sunlight overhead cast shadows on their faces from their bangs. It's as it they're watching something in the sky off in the distance -- an airplane, the clouds, or perhaps a hawk flying past.

I moved them onto the porch where the light was less harsh, but still no one wanted to look at the camera. I think they look lovely in their new dresses regardless.

Cameo (Honey Blond Silk Dress) is definitely the shortest of the bunch; she seems quite petite in comparison to the others. I'm pretty sure she's the oldest of the quintet.

01 November 2009

Baby Clothes

Like many baby girls, Cleo has quite a wardrobe. Unlike a real baby though, she won't outgrow her clothes. It would take me weeks to find enough free time to photograph her in everything, so I'm going to start with just a few of my favorites.

This shiny red satin outfit is by K├Ąthe Kruse, and fits perfectly. I think it's a nice change from all of Cleo's pastel-colored clothes, which make photography hard since they look washed out when I have enough light to see her features clearly. I found this wicker chair for her on eBay, and she usually sits in it when she's not having her picture taken (and sometimes when she is).

I bought this pink and white dress and lace-trimmed bonnet (and the unseen shoes and diaper she's wearing) at The Sasha Wardrobe, along with several other baby items. The dress was part of the 2009 Summer Collection. Cleo has four teddy bears, but I'm keeping my eyes open for other suitably-sized baby toys.

I couldn't resist these frilly baby pants from The Doll Works. My daughter Boo had several similar pairs when she was young. The doll quilt Cleo is sitting on is from my childhood.

This white smocked dress and matching bonnet is also from The Doll Works. It is so sweet, that I'm tempted to buy the pink version too. I bought these shoes there as well, though I had a hard time keeping them on her feet as you can see. Too bad they don't make those snap-on shoelace covers (you know, the ones with the bells on top) small enough for dolls.

This three piece layette is from eBay seller misspatau, who sells "Knits by Trish". The sock monkey is Boo's (a baby for the two full-sized sock monkeys my Mom made for the kids), but she let Cleo borrow it for a photo session.

UPDATE: I meant to include another photo when I created this post. Here's Cleo wearing a cute pink babygro from Ruths Dolls. My daughter wore very similar outfits when she was a baby (only much larger of course). Very sweet!

That's definitely all for now, but I'm sure I'll be taking pictures of more baby clothes sometime in the future.

28 October 2009

Sasha Festival 2009 - post 6

I said that post 5 was my last post about the festival, but I've decided to add one more. Now that I have a Sasha baby to model them, I can share the two baby outfits that I won.

The first outfit was made by Geraldine Brodt for the Children's Fund Auction. It's a sweet pastel plaid dress with tights ...

... and a pale pink coat and bonnet. The coat/bonnet fabric reminds me of my childhood blanket.

Geraldine donated several handmade outfits to the auction, and had a table in the sales room as well. I especially admired her ethnic African outfits and jewelry (they were modeled after the clothing of a certain country, which I can't recall right now). She has a website in progress SASHA Couture by Geraldine, or can be reached via email.

I won the second outfit in the Helper Raffle. I'm not sure who donated it, but it has a tag from The Doll Carriage (a now-defunct doll shop in New Hampshire).

I think Cleo needs a different hair ribbon (or perhaps ribbons) for when she wears pastels. I guess I need to sort through my sewing supplies and see what I can come up with.

21 October 2009

Meet Cleo

After seeing all the lovely dolls at the Sasha Festival, I added two new dolls to my wish list. One was a dark black baby girl. Not long afterward, I managed to find what I was looking for on Ruby Lane. She came in her original box with a styrofoam cradle; using Susanna Lewis' charts, I was able to date it/her as being from March 1972-1974 (a type II-A box). Her arms don't want to stay up, but I know that's easy to have fixed. Otherwise she is just perfect!

I have lots of clothes for her, and will take more pictures when the weather cooperates. She needs good sunlight or her features get lost (I have similar problems when taking pictures of Chloe). I followed the same naming tradition as my other "dressing" dolls (who are from the 1980's) -- starting with C, Greek origin -- but she has four letters rather than five since she's smaller.

11 October 2009

Marshmallow Roast

I managed to find a campfire for Calla and Rose to sit around in their chairs. And some marshmallows to roast too. American Girl makes a "Campfire and Treats" set as part of their Campfire Collection. I bought it for Boo for her birthday last week. Boy was she thrilled!

The campfire lights up and plays four "classic summer camp songs" (The Bear Went Over The Mountain is one). It comes with two sticks with marshmallows to roast, pretend packages of graham crackers and chocolate, and two s'mores treats. Rose and Calla tried it out today, joined by their new cats Misty and Toby (Pawparazzi Pets, a birthday gift from her big brother). Fun!

They aren't labeled, but I'm pretty sure that both of these outfits are by Nellie Rose.

05 October 2009

Nellie Rose

Several days ago I received an email from Karon Brackley in the UK, who used to sell her "Nellie-Rose" tagged Sasha clothing on eBay as the seller maudie-mays. I own quite a few of her creations, some of which I've shown in various posts (here, here, here, here, and here). After running a shop on eBay for over a year, she's decided to set up her own online store: Nellie Rose. I've added it to my LINKS section in the left sidebar for future reference.

Check out her clothing and accessories for Sasha, Gregor, and Baby (as well as for various other dolls)!

29 September 2009

Dollydetroit by Tina Gross

My friend Tina has been working on a new project ... her own website: Dollydetroit by Tina Gross. Right now it's basically a showcase for past outfits that she's made for Sasha, but she hopes to do more with it in the future. I've added it to my LINKS section in the left sidebar for future reference.

Check it out when you have a chance!

26 September 2009

Redhead Quintet

Here are a couple of pictures of Rowena (my "redhead sneak" who started life as a 1969 Brunette Gingham) along with four 1969 Redhead Dungarees. She fits in nicely with the group, adding another dimension to the original quartet.

Height perception is a bit distorted in this picture since they are standing in an arc; the two at the ends are closer to the camera.

I think she looks most like Hester (in the light dungarees and thin green hair ribbons).

21 September 2009

Meet Rowena

I gave a Sneak Peek at Rowena almost a month ago, using pictures taken by Bettina during the rerooting process. She is a 1969 brunette who has been rerooted with saran hair, and given the hairstyle of a dungarees girl from that time period. Her clothes have arrived (I purchased her nude then ordered a Repro Dungarees Outfit from Ruths Dolls), and I've finally found time to take some photographs. As you can see, she looks spectacular!

She may have started life as a brunette, but she makes a stunning redhead. I just love her thick braids!

I am grateful that Bettina gave her a new life, and feel very fortunate to have Rowena in my home. She may not be a "true" dungarees, but she looks great with my Redhead Quartet, as you'll see in my next post.

17 September 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

There's an expression "the shoes make the outfit", and I think that applies whether you're a human or a doll. I often see questions about where to find shoes on the Sasha Yahoo Groups, and thought it would be helpful to have a list. For anyone looking to purchase shoes for their Sashas, here are the places I've found online. Let me know of any resources I've missed, and I'll add them below.
I've labeled this post to make it easy to find when it's no longer the most recent. Simply find the LABELS section in the left sidebar, then click on shoes.

These links are for the shoe listings themselves, not necessarily the main websites.

09 September 2009

Meet Nola (before)

Nola is my third Gotz no-navel. Like Lucinda, she is from 1969; like Muriel she is a "waif". Over the course of 40 years she's lost her original clothes, acquired a bad haircut, and had an eyebrow nearly rubbed off. In spite of all this, she is an absolutely beautiful blue-eyed redhead. I took her outside today for some photos in the clothes she arrived in, a blue knitted dress and panties. (I've seen this pattern at some point, but don't recall where.) -- see update below

Her stringing is tight, but something is amiss as her right arm wants to stay twisted back. When that is sorted out, I'll decide if I want to do anything about her hair and/or eyebrow.

UPDATE: Victoria left a comment and mentioned seeing this dress on Bettina's website. I checked her "Mode" (fashion) photos, and saw a very similar dress labeled "Dolls Designs". After some web surfing, I found the pattern (bearing the picture I recall seeing): "Dolls Designs" KP50 by Patricia Evans and Jane Woodbridge. I think I must have seen it on eBay at some point.

Publish Post

04 September 2009

More Audrey

I introduced Audrey in December, on an overcast day that wasn't conducive to picture taking. Those indoor shots really don't do her justice, so I decided to try again. When I had my blue cord girls outside for pictures on Sunday, I took a bunch of Audrey alone in several different poses. Enjoy!

31 August 2009

1968-69 Blue Cords

My husband took the kids to the park yesterday afternoon, which gave me some free time to take my blue cord dolls outside for comparison photos. I took pictures of my three 1969 Blue Cords back in April, before Delia's arrival. This time I added Audrey (from 1968) to the mix as well.

Here are the three with similar bangs: Dolores, Delia, and Audrey. Dolores and Delia look quite a bit alike, but Audrey's 1968 eyes are different from their 1969 eyes. (As usual, clicking on the photo takes you to a larger version.)

Here are the four 1969 girls lined up: Dagmar (a side part), Devereux, Dolores, and Delia. Delia doesn't have an ID bracelet yet, but I'll make her one eventually so she's not left out of the "club".

Here are all five of my blue cord girls lined up: the four 1969's as pictured above (Dagmar, Devereux, Dolores, Delia), with Audrey added at the far right. Her dress is quite faded, but it's the earlier wide version.

Here's a different grouping of the 1969's, with Devereux and Dagmar in back and Delia and Dolores in front. It's amazing how different they look considering they're all the "same" doll.

And the same grouping with Audrey added to the middle of the back row. She looks more delicate/dainty to me than the other four.

What a beautiful group of blonde haired blue eyed girls. I love them all!