23 June 2013

Schedule of Events for the 2013 Sasha Festival

Only two-and-a-half weeks to go until the festival! Time to start figuring out which dolls to bring and also what they will be wearing over the course of the weekend. I'm going to be a table hostess for one of the meals, and those gifts are in progress. Still TBD ... is Boo going to enter the Dress-A-Sasha contest again, what (if anything) am I bringing for my sales table, and is either of us going to bring something for the swap? So much still to be decided and so little time remaining. Guess I need to get cracking.

Schedule of Events for the 2013 Sasha Festival

Thursday, July 11th
5:00-9:00  Registration
7:00-9:00  Meet & Greet
meet & greet theme ="A Sasha Sleepover"

Friday, July 12th
9:00-11:00  Workshops
12:00-1:45    Luncheon and Presentation
luncheon theme="School Days" or "Look What I Found at Grandma's!"
2:00-3:00    Yankee Gift Exchange
12:00-6:30  CFA viewing and Helper tickets
Dinner on your own
6:30-9:30    Children's Fund Auction

Saturday, July 13th
9:00-10:00    Setup Sales Room
10:00-12:00  Sales Room Open; Helpers Open
Lunch on your own
1:00-2:00     Set Up Dress-A-Sasha
2:00-4:00     Voting for Dress-A-Sasha
* Lunch and afternoon also available for Helper tickets, Sight-seeing, shopping, and visiting.
6:00-9:00     Dinner and Program
dinner theme="Happy Birthday, Sasha M.!"

Sunday, July 14th
8:00-9:30    Last chance for Helpers
9:30-12:00  Brunch and Thank You's/Announcements/Helper Drawings
brunch theme="Dressed in My Sunday Best"