24 January 2010

School Days

I'm not sure if Ziggy and Star are fraternal twins or simply siblings. Either way, I think they make a fetching duo. She looks different here with her hair pulled back by a headband.

They're wearing matching school clothes made by Helena in Canada (AKA eBay seller dolliepatch), complete with a satchel for her and a knapsack for him.

I left them in stocking feet because I couldn't find appropriate shoes in my huge stash (which is almost entirely girly shoes). I'm thinking they need new brown leather shoes: t-straps for her and oxfords for him, or boots for her and loafers for him? Decisions, decisions ...

20 January 2010

Meet Scarlett

Here's a quote from almost a year ago, the start of my Meet Lucinda post:
The Sasha dolls that I knew growing up were those that were readily available in the US, the English Sashas. Until I went searching for them as an adult, I didn't even realize that there were other different-looking Sashas that were made in Germany. Many people love them, but I don't find the Early Gotz dolls particularly appealing.
Tara from Sasha Doll Musings commented on that post: "Watch out. The 60's German girls will grow on you." She was right, they have grown on me (seeing them at the Sasha Festival helped, as I definitely like them more in person than in pictures). So much in fact, that I decided to purchase a slate-eyed redhead Gotz as a sister for Sigmund.

Her hair is a bit thin on top, but she has nice thick bangs. I especially like the way the longer "wings" frame her face.

She arrived wearing her original dress and panties, with reproduction sandals instead of blue prym snap shoes. I hope to find a pair of those shoes for her someday, so she can have the footwear she would have worn originally. I've seen them on Sasha Doll UK a couple of times, but they'd already been spoken for by someone else.

Look for pictures of "Star" with her brother in my next post.

19 January 2010

Dressed For A Ball

I believe it was Ted Menten (the illustrious Sasha Street blogger) who noted that adults like to dress dolls like children, while children like to dress dolls like adults. When I last saw Calla and Rose they were still beside the little white tree wearing their Christmas dresses. Apparently Boo decided they needed a change, as they're now standing on a chair in the family room wearing long gowns. Calla's pink dress is from Nellie Rose, while Rose is wearing a Magic Attic party dress.

I must have missed the announcement, but apparently His Royal Highness Christopher Rupert Vwindemier Vlandamier Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James is giving a Ball!

13 January 2010

Meet Sigmund

I added two dolls to my wish list at the Sasha Festival, a dark black baby girl and a redhead Unisex Gotz. I have since added both to my collection. Cleo was introduced back in October, now it's Sigmund's turn. Before I introduce him, I'd like to share a picture of Jan's redhead Unisex, the doll I fell in love with in Rochester. Isn't he a stunner!

And now here's Sigmund, as close a facsimile as I could find. He's wearing his original Apres Ski outfit for these pictures. I've ordered a lederhosen outfit from Jean, and will post pictures of him wearing it when it's finished.

In spite of his Unisex status, "Ziggy" is going to be all boy at my house.

07 January 2010

Meet Adeline (after)

I finally sent Adeline to Pat's Sasha spa in Florida, and she returned home in December (this is one of the posts I was planning before Christmas but didn't get around to creating). The lighting was bad for her "before" pictures, but even discounting that she looks so much better now. Pat cleaned her inside and out, restrung her, washed and dried her hair, and re-rooted some hair plugs.

She had 11 hair plugs fixed -- there were just nubs here at her hairline.

Her original stringing was thin white in the arms and striped in the legs, so I'm pretty sure she dates from 1968. Knowing that, she would have been dressed as Jeans (which I would call brown corduroy overalls), Brown Cord, or Blue Cord. As planned, I dressed her in a 1960's blue cord outfit with replacement socks. From a distance, she looks almost like new ...

... except that she was the victim of a young hairdresser at some point, so her hair is somewhat uneven. It's slightly shorter on her left side at the front, and has a shorter layer on her right side at the back. It's a bit dry at the ends, but has lovely shade variations.

Up close she has a graze on her nose and her lip color is pretty much gone, but just look at those beautiful blue eyes!

I was planning on keeping Adeline as part of my collection, but have decided to offer her for sale at my bonanzle booth instead (I have plenty of late-60's blondes already, and am saving for a special doll I've found). I should have her listed there sometime this week.

01 January 2010

Happy New Year

Muriel would like to join me in wishing everyone a Happy 2010! She's still wearing her Christmas outfit, a nifty Rudolph dress made by the very talented Helena in Canada (AKA eBay seller dolliepatch). Sometimes I see one of her creations and I just have to have it, as was the case with this dress. I think it's just perfect for Muriel, who tends to look best in "big girl" clothes.

I did not make any resolutions, though I did set some goals for the year. One of them is to continue blogging at least once a week. I have lots of ideas, it's time that I'm always short of (and good weather for taking photos). I have a dozen more dolls to introduce, lots of clothing to share, more props and display ideas, dolls and clothing for sale (check out my booth on bonanza), and perhaps even details of my own sewing attempts (another of my goals).