20 April 2009

Meet Desiree (before)

Desiree is another eBay find. She wears a gold wrist tag, and from her stringing I believe she is from 1969. I'm pretty sure she's wearing her original brown cord dress (which is damaged at the hem), though her pants, socks, and shoes are long gone. She is too floppy to stand, or even hold her head up properly. Fortunately that will be fixed soon as she's currently traveling to Pat's Spa for restringing along with Hayley and Hester (who hasn't been introduced yet).

I still need to clean/style her hair and decide what to do about her clothes, but I can see the potential that she holds in her beautiful blue eyes and pink lips.

UPDATE: I don't need to worry about Desiree's hair, as Pat is going to wash it. I sent her three dolls, and in addition to restringing she's giving them her spa treatment (washing and drying their hair and washing their bodies inside and out) and removing some marks from their bodies. I can't wait to see them, as I'm sure she will do a fantastic job with their restoration. Look for future posts on all three dolls once they return from Florida.

15 April 2009

Hair Care

I'm getting ready to send Hayley off to Pat Pellerito's Sasha Spa in Florida for restringing. She already looks a lot better now that I've washed and conditioned her hair. I used products from Wiggin' Out which are formulated for synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces, and am quite pleased with the results. Her hair is still a bit dry at the ends, but so much nicer than it was before.

13 April 2009

1969 Blue Cords

I have three 1969 blondes in their original blue cord dresses. While they are the "same" doll, their hairstyles, dresses, and even shoes are slightly different. Seeing them together makes their subtle differences more obvious. Dagmar is on the left, Devereux is in the middle, and Dolores is on the right.

They can be easily identified by their hair: Dagmar has choppy bangs and a side part; Devereux has long, thick bangs; and Dolores has short, even bangs.

08 April 2009

Meet Devereux

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, so I made use of a cool but sunny day to take some outdoor pictures. Devereux is my third 1969 blonde blue cord Sasha. She has very thick bangs which give the appearance of a wider face. Both she and her original clothing are in beautiful condition. She came to me from Kelly at "Our Sasha Dolls" (another Sasha friendship that I'm hoping will last a long time).

She does have one small flaw: three snipped plugs of hair right in the front, which aren't visible under her bangs. I'm hoping to get these re-rooted soon, along with Adeline's snipped plugs.

Look for 1969 blue cord comparison photos in my next post.

05 April 2009

Tina Gross ... aka dollydetroit

I previewed this post last month when I showed Boo and Calla in their bunny slippers. Calla's were made by a very talented lady named Tina, who also sells Sasha clothing (and bunny slippers) on eBay as dollydetroit.

The slippers are adorable, and she is a marvelous person to communicate with. I emailed photos to her and she coordinated each doll's slippers to their pajamas, with each pair arriving in a tagged baggie indicating which doll they were intended for. Here are my five getting ready for a slumber party in their pajamas (all made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe) and their new slippers. [Boo is adamant that I need to put everyone back in their pajamas and slippers and take another picture that includes Calla, even though she had her own slipper picture earlier.]

Tina's talents don't stop at bunny slippers, as I discovered when I won her "Wicked-inspired" ensemble on eBay. I love the little details like the lollipop and hat, and especially the shoes! One of my dolls will be a cute Munchkin next year for Halloween. It is being modeled in this photo by Muriel (a 1970 no-navel), who I will introduce at some point in the future.

Tina also did me a huge favor and replaced the elastic in the waist of Danica's pants, which kept falling down around her ankles. What more can I say ... I'm thrilled to know her and am hoping this is the start of a long Sasha friendship.

UPDATE: Tina has a website now: Dollydetroit by Tina Gross.