24 February 2009

Meet Hayley (before)

I wanted a Redhead Dungarees for quite some time before I managed to acquire one. Whenever I found one online it was already 'sale pending' or I was outbid at auction. I finally managed to purchase this doll, from 1969. She's far from perfect, but I think she'll clean up nicely. She has all her original clothing which is in good condition. Since this picture, I've cleaned them in a perk/boost solution from Twin Pines of Maine. Her stringing is loose so she doesn't stand well, but I know that's a simple fix (now I have two dolls who need to head out for some Sasha spa TLC). Her hair is a mess, but fortunately it doesn't look like it has been cut anywhere. I think it will be much improved with a good wash and her original braided hairstyle. I just purchased some shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for synthetic wigs, so hopefully I'll find time for that project soon.

UPDATE #1: Here she is with washed and conditioned (but not braided) hair.

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