12 July 2016

Sasha Festival 2016 - post 1

As I said last year, the best part of the Sasha Festival is the people. In many cases it is a family event: sisters, spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren. In talking with people the first couple of days I was struck by the bond between generations: the mothers and grandmothers sharing their love of Sasha with their children and grandchildren, and in some cases the children providing travel support for their mothers.

I announced on Saturday afternoon that I wanted to take pictures of these generational groups and wound up with 18 represented. Apologies if I missed anyone, and a heartfelt thank you to those who allowed me to photograph them (and to Charla for taking a picture of me and Boo). I was asked by a couple of people not to include their name, and have decided to leave off all names. If you know them already then no name is required, and if you don't then perhaps you will meet them at a future festival.

Seeing the love in these pictures puts a smile on my face, and hopefully yours as well. 

10 July 2016


The adjective that best describes my blog this past year. I had plans for my usual series of posts about the 2015 Sasha Festival but never managed to execute. Between work, family, and volunteer commitments (with a wonky thyroid thrown into the mix) I just haven't had the time and energy for blogging. I wish I could say with certainty that I will find the energy and make the time this year. The best that I can say is that I will try ... starting with at least one 2016 Sasha Festival post.

20 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - post 1

When I started bringing Boo along to the festivals I had lots of spare time every evening to write a daily summary post while she was asleep. Now Boo stays up late (much too late this year - boy is she tired now) so my festival evenings are spent having fun with friends. Last year I uploaded a quick photo at the start of each event so that people could still get a little instant gratification festival fix. It worked, but it was also work. This year I've returned to my original format of thematic posts and a slideshow/album, all after the fact. Maybe waaay after the fact, but hopefully worth the wait.

The best part of festivals isn't the Childrens' Fund Auction, the Dress-A-Sasha contest, the sales room, the workshops and presentations, or even the dolls ... all of that will come in future posts. The best part of festivals is the people. See how happy I am to be spending time with these ladies!

With Tina.
With Tina and Melissa.
Can't forget the kiddos.
With Doris.
With Ann and Dorothy.
With Phyllis (who I finally met after hearing her name for years).
These are just the people that I have a picture of myself with ... pictures of many more Sasha friends will be included in my slideshow/album.

27 June 2015

Meet Nixie

My second birthday girl is also jumping the queue. Two self-presents this year seemed a bit extravagant, but I couldn't resist either one. Nixie joins my growing group of no-navels. Ultimately I'm hoping to have at least one each of the 12 possible hair/eye/year combinations - still four to go. :-)

Nixie is from 1969, with the thicker style of eye paint. She replaces Nola, who moved on to a new home when I was in need of dollie funds. Her hair is gorgeous, as is her eye paint.

The no-navel girls look a bit older to me than the early English girls. And often bashful. Or pensive.

03 June 2015

Meet Josephine

I haven't posted much recently so there are several dolls still waiting to be introduced. This girl is jumping the queue -- a birthday present to myself that is too special to wait.  She is a 1966 np with the developmental eye style whose brows have silvered. She makes my heart flutter. I have decided to call her Josephine, Jo for short.

Apologies for the lack of posts the past year or so, but work, kids, and pets are keeping me busy. I don't have much free time, let alone free time when there is good light for taking pictures. These are rushed photographs with overcast skies, but I was too excited to wait to share. More/better pictures will come eventually (please don't hold your breath waiting though), including hopefully some with Jessica.

03 January 2015

A Very Gregor Christmas

All of Boo's dolls were dressed in red and green on Christmas Eve, awaiting the arrival of Santa. Little did they (or she) know what was in store on Christmas morning.

Boo asked if she could decorate a little tree for the dolls, and I agreed (this saved me having to do it myself once she was asleep, because I had a surprise planned). Here is how the tree looked when she went to bed, with a stocking for each of her dolls. The gifts under the tree are empty boxes just for show, but she put a few old items in the stockings: coins, a hat, a toy car... I intentionally rushed her so that she didn't have much time to set out gifts because that was part of my surprise.

Here is how the tree looked when I went to bed, with the addition of two Gregors, two more stockings, and lots of doll-sized wrapped packages.

Boo glanced at the little tree when she woke up, but didn't seem very excited. In fact, she was a bit miffed that I'd removed what she put in the stockings. She thought that the Gregors were mine and that I had created a scene for my blog with empty packages. Boy was she surprised to discover that the boys were hers and the wrapped packages all contained gifts for her dolls! I had labeled the packages with their names, so before she unwrapped her own gifts from under the big tree, Boo helped the dolls unwrap their gifts from under the little tree.

Unwrapping some new clothes for the boys from etsy shop A Passion for Sasha:

Kitty and Kelly helping to unwrap their gifts (with a view of both our trees in the background):

The babies in their new sleepers from etsy shop Nomacustom:

The boys redressed, getting acquainted with the girls:

And yes, the discovery that the boys can also become short-haired girls when desired.  :-)

When she told me she wanted a Gregor "some day", Boo came up with a list of prospective names: Daniel, Ethan, and Trevor. Of course she decided that none of those worked once she had dolls in hand, so names have not yet been determined. The current front runners are James for the brunette and Caleb for the blonde.

She has been playing dolls with a friend from the neighborhood the past few days, and having fun with the added dimension that males add. They can be brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, kings, and even male house servants (apparently the girl dolls love having the boy dolls wait on them).

29 November 2014

Sales Page

I have created a Sales Page, which can always be accessed via the link in the top banner. Three girls, two babies, and some original Sasha clothing just added ...

Meet Kelly

Boo got Madden at the 2012 Sasha Festival and was hoping to get another baby at the 2013 festival. I had a baby that I'd bought for myself but not even named ... and so I gifted her to Boo before the festival (that way no worries about finding the perfect baby there). Thus Kelly was born, another sexed little girl to be a twin for Kitty. Its easy to tell them apart since Kitty has "poofy" hair. I think Kelly may have replaced Kitty as favorite baby. Here is how I found her today when I went to take pictures, apparently recovering from some sort of serious accident. Still a little princess though.

28 November 2014

Baby Kitty and Puppy Friends

Such a cute pair of babies - a boy and a girl, a blonde and a brunette, puppy and kitty ... 

 ... and yet Boo longed for another baby, a second brunette girl to be a "twin" for Kitty.

27 November 2014

Meet Madden

Here is another of Boo's babies who has been shown on the blog but not formally introduced, a sexed boy from the 70's. Madden was won in the Childrens' Fund Auction at the 2012 Sasha festival. Boo was a bit miffed to discover that while he was all in pink, he was actually male. I offered to sell him and buy a genderless blonde baby, but she was too attached to part with him. His subtle genitals aren't visible when dressed, so she decided to view him as a girl. S/he was dubbed "Puppy" to go with Kitty. I suggested Madden, which is an Irish name meaning "little dog" - technically a male name, but sometimes used for females as well. Perfect!