17 July 2021

Sasha Festival 2021 - post 5

The Children’s Fund Auction was last night after dinner. It raised over $9000 for Save the Children, and I believe there is a 10X match which would mean $90,000+! There were 83 items, which is a lot of  items to picture individually. I may do another auction post when I return, but for now here are pictures of all the tables of items along with what I won.

I was excited to win three of these auction items. My first win was a unicorn dress and JJ shoes made and donated by Ann Chandler. This was the item I really wanted; I’m a unicorn and rainbows kind of girl and I love Ann’s hand sewn Sasha clothing.

My second win was a gingham dress, sweater, socks and shoes donated by Dawn Law. Sadly she could not be at the festival due to UK flight restrictions so she is going to mail the item. The picture looks red, but it was described as fuchsia so maybe bad printer. I will see when it arrives. Knowing Dawn, I’m sure it is lovely.

My third win was a sweater and socks knit by Sara Hart, a pair of boots by Allison Seaman, and a dress donated by Kathy Weisner. This was originally flat lay on the table where it caught my eye, but I knew I had to bid once it was modeled on a doll. 


DollMum said...

You won some lovely items in the CFA. We never bid in either the 2012 or 2017 festivals as the items we wanted always went way over my budget but it was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

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