14 November 2011

Little Princess

Sometimes I stumble across one of Boo's dolls and have to smile. Here is Princess Kitty perched on her "throne" in the family room. The crown is child-sized (part of Boo's dress-up collection), and was simply wrapped around Kitty's head. Her sweet outfit was made by Norvell Jones, and is one of Boo's favorites.

06 November 2011

More Happiness

My Doucet pram has arrived, and I'm very happy with this purchase also. It is in great condition, and I really like the texture of the black and how it contrasts with the white. I love, love, love it! Allegra is the first to play with it, and I think she feels the same way.

Meet Allegra

The eBay situation with Annabel left me feeling unhappy, but I cheered up when I found a 1968 blonde fringe girl for sale on Shelly's site. Since her descriptions are always accurate, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed again. Allegra is just as described, and oh so much nicer than Annabel. And she's a blue cord, like most of my other early English blondes.

The weather wasn't great for picture taking today and I didn't have time to mess with lighting, but I managed to find a spot of light coming through a south-facing window. It was so bright that I was having problems with shadows, but I like how this picture turned out.

Luckily I also wound up with a decent shot of Allegra's spectacular pale blue eyes. If you're curious, she's standing in front of Boo's doll armoire.