31 December 2008

Blonde Trio

I took the pictures for posts about Dolores, Audrey, and Enid at the same time, so I snapped a few with them together. Here they're lined up by year in ascending order: 1968, 1969, 1970. I wish I'd put my spare blue cord outfit on Enid (I'm saving it for Adeline post-repair), but didn't have the time to deal with clothes changes before picking up my kids at school. Once I've finished introducing all my dolls there will be plenty of time for more blue cord comparison photos.

And here's a shot of just the two blue cord girls together.

28 December 2008

Meet Enid

Enid is unique in that she is a 1970 doll with a full center part. And a really nice part at that! She has a few dings on her hands and a scratch on her nose, signs of love and adventure in her past. Enid came to me wearing pajamas, so I'm not sure what her original outfit was. She is currently wearing a gingham dress which I believe is also from 1970 (it is the shorter version with snaps at the cuffs) and white shoes with heels from an unknown year; both were eBay finds.

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

My "playing" dolls are all dressed up for Christmas, and have been joined by a special new friend. I finally finished paying the layaway on my 1968 fringe girl! I will formally introduce Alison in a future post, but wanted her to share in the holiday fun.

Alison is at the far left wearing a red checked dress of unknown origin. She looks so petite compared to all these girls from the 1980's. Next to her, Cindy wears a smocked dress with a gingerbread men print from eBay seller specialdelivery2006. Then comes Calla in a Nellie-Rose gold star dress with matching bow from eBay seller maudie-mays. The Santa hats are also Nellie-Rose Doll Fashions. On the other side of the tree, Cathy, Cybil, and Chloe all wear festive dresses labeled "Hand Crafted By Molly". I purchased them second hand, but believe that eBay seller molly31_7 is the same Molly.

22 December 2008

Meet Audrey

Audrey is another of my late-60's blue cord girls, this time from 1968. Her hair and face are similar to Dolores, though her lip color is pinker. Her dress is quite faded, but it is the early wide version. She came to me from the UK via Shelly at Sasha Doll UK.

19 December 2008

Meet Dolores

Dagmar was the first of my late-60's blue cord girls, but she has since been joined by others. Dolores is also from 1969, but has a very different look. Her face is not wide, her part is more centered, and her bangs are more even - but she has the same peachy lips and dress style. She came to me from the UK via Marie at sasha-dolls.com.

16 December 2008

Folk Costumes

You may have seen these stunning ensembles on eBay recently. I consider them to be more works of art than doll clothing, as both have incredible attention to detail.

First is an outfit done in the style of many central European folk costumes. It looks very Polish to me, and the bright colors are just wonderful with Cybil's hair. It was made by the very talented eBay seller kmkdollshop.

Second is a Swedish folk outfit made by the equally talented eBay seller chirnside. I lost out on the bidding for a similar dress she auctioned previously, and was thrilled to win her second offering of this style.

Dressed like this, they remind me of larger versions of the "Dolls of the Nations" costume dolls that my mother used to collect when she was a girl. Perhaps one day I'll have a different country's outfit for each of my Sashas to wear.

14 December 2008

Michele in CO

I discovered Michele while looking for Sasha clothing online. Until recently she had a website on AOL Hometown; that service has been discontinued for all users, but she can be reached by email if anyone wants some knitting done. I had her knit me up four cardigans (two short-sleeved and two long-sleeved) in colors I selected. We were both busy with work, plus she had to order some of the yarn, so the whole process took a while. Neither of us was speedy with our email replies, but we kept in touch through the whole process and I really enjoyed our email exchange - such a nice person to be dealing with. My sweaters arrived about the same time as the cooler weather, perfect timing for the girls to show them off. I also received a special gift to compensate for the delay, which wasn't necessary but was very thoughtful. Here's Chloe modeling my gift dress and bolero, and Cindy in one of the short-sleeved sweaters (the other is royal blue).

Perhaps it's the color, but the dress makes me think of Easter. Once my Christmas chaos is over, I need to put in an order for more dresses in other pastel colors. If only I can find some Sasha-sized Easter baskets...

The long-sleeved sweaters are pink and deep red, and match quite nicely with the dresses on Stella and Anika (though this was completely unplanned). They are my only two "display" dolls in sleeveless dresses, which makes the cardigans even more suitable. I took some ribbing from my husband about them being cold when he found me putting on their sweaters, but I think they may wear them until the spring.

10 December 2008

Meet Trudi

I purchased Trudi at the same time as Lilly and Alice. She does not have braids like they do, but she does have a full center part -- and a unique hairstyle. She is the only Later Gotz doll with pigtails/bunches, and they have been twisted then tied up.

I think she is far cuter in person than in pictures. Her dark red dress is made of velour, her pantaloons are trimmed in bobbin lace, and she has nubbly oatmeal-colored socks. Like Ira, it's the little details that add up to make her outfit special.

07 December 2008

Meet Alice

Alice was not on my original wish list of Later Gotz dolls. I realize her scout uniform is modeled after similar outfits from the 60's, but I prefer "little girl" attire. I am a fan of braids/plaits though, and only a handful of Later Gotz dolls have them. Desiring more dolls with braids, I decided that changing her clothes was a better option than braiding the hair of another doll without a full center part.

I had every intention of finding her a different outfit, but her scout uniform has grown on me. And my kids like it, as it vaguely resembles my son's Cub Scout uniform.

04 December 2008

Meet Lilly

I am particularly fond of dolls with braids/plaits, and Lilly is no exception. She was produced in 1996 and 1997; I believe my doll is from 1996 as the number on her tag starts with 96. She is very much the "country" girl with her overalls and straw hat. I love her red sandals and backpack/schoolbag, both made of leather.

She has a sweet face with brown eyes and pale lips. Her hat makes her bangs/fringe appear uneven (especially in the photo above), which adds to her tomboyish charm.

Here's a back view of her full center part and pack.

01 December 2008

A Tisket, A Tasket ...

... A Sasha in a Basket. Boo has taken to carrying her doll around in a wicker basket. I told her that as the official owner she could choose a new name if she wanted to. She's gone back and forth on names - from Calla to one of a wide variety of names then back to Calla - but I think she's finally settled on Pearl.

UPDATE: Pearl didn't last long as a name. As of 12/13 she's back to Calla, or occasionally Callie.

Calla usually wears a pony tail these days as her hair gets mighty tangled if it's down. She's currently wearing a cherry print dress I purchased long ago (which I believe was made by eBay seller *scarletrose*designs) and red Euro Girl shoes.

26 November 2008

Treasured Trouseau

At first glance this might not seem like cool-weather clothing, but the outfit includes a coordinating cardigan. I took a picture with the dress alone to show off the funky pattern and the buttons on the gingham ribbon. I would like a dress like this for myself! It's from Treasured Trousseau, (eBay seller nameless). She does actually have a name, and seems like a very nice person from our email correspondence.

As one of Treasured Trousseau's first customers, she also sent me a gift -- a designer label shirt and shorts set. Very thoughtful and very cute. I'm looking forward to more auctions from this designer (and hopefully more winning bids).

24 November 2008

Cool-Weather Clothing

I've been buying a bunch of fall/winter clothing for my dolls, most of it on eBay. When I saw this holiday folklore outfit from dfscarbrough, I knew it would be perfect for Cathy. Her short hair doesn't cover up any of the jacket's winter scene. I like how these trees are made of the same red calico fabric as the blouse.

Here's a view of the charming house on the back, complete with metallic stars in the sky.

I was hesitant to put this school girl outfit on Cybil at first (should redheads wear burgundy?), but think it looks marvelous. The turtleneck is actually a bodysuit which keeps it from bunching up (and also keeps people from seeing her panties -- very important if you ask Boo). It was made by eBay seller specialdelivery2006, who also made one of my lovely white with pink party dresses.

21 November 2008

Meet Gregor Hiker

Gregor Sandy "Hiker" is the only male doll I currently own. He was produced in 1986, with fewer than 400 made before the factory closed. He is the only Gregor with sandy/honey blonde hair. Both of these facts make him a bit special, at least in my eyes.

He wears a pack on his back which includes a rolled up sleeping bag, and looks pretty darn cute in his cap. It's a bit chilly for sleeping outside here, so I don't think he'll trek very far today. The spot you see under his nose in this picture is not caused by the camera, but actually exists; he has a small, perfectly round, shiny dot which catches the light at certain angles. Go figure. [UPDATE: It was caused by something on the surface, not a flaw in his vinyl. I gently washed his upper lip, and the spot is gone!]

My husband is not sure how Gregor survives spending all his time with thirty females.

18 November 2008

Meet Adeline (before)

Sweet Adeline,
My Adeline,
At night, dear heart,
For you I pine;
In all my dreams,
Your fair face beams.
You're the flower of my heart,
Sweet Adeline.

Adeline is an eBay find. She was a bargain (at least in my opinion) because she has been well-loved and is in need of a little TLC. I believe she is was produced in 1968. I call her my "Mystery" Blonde because I don't know how she was originally dressed: blue cord, brown cord, jeans, perhaps even gingham if she's from 1969 instead. She came to me wearing a cute dress from Dolliepatch which Boo is already begging to put on Calla. I'm going to dress her as a blue cord girl with an outfit I purchased from Sasha Doll UK -- a fabulous website for both shopping and dreaming.

After the Holidays I plan to send Adeline on a trip to the Sasha Spa. She has a nose ding and some scrapes on her face that will probably remain, but a few of her flaws can be easily fixed: she is a bit grubby, her arms no longer hold a pose, and several plugs of the first row of her bangs have been chopped.

On the plus side, her bangs are thick enough to conceal the chopped bit and her hair is quite nice overall. It's a bit dry at the ends, but nicely two-toned with a part on top. Her lip paint is basically non-existent, but her eyes are glorious.

I will post more pictures of Adeline after her R and R.

14 November 2008

Meet Dagmar

Today was a miserable rainy day and not good for taking pictures, but I decided to try anyway. "Dagmar" is the first older doll I purchased -- a 1969 Blue Cord with her original clothing (and her original stringing). I absolutely adore her, especially her wide face! Her hair has very choppy bangs/fringe, and a side part on top. Since "a picture is worth a thousand words", I'll let you stop reading and start looking. (FYI: clicking on a photo takes you to a larger version.)

Here's a picture of her side part from above. I was standing behind her, so she's facing the top of the photo. You can see her lovely two-toned hair color in this shot.

10 November 2008

Sasha Addict!

There is no longer any question in my mind -- I'm addicted. As you will see from my upcoming posts, my Sasha collection has branched out quite a bit from my original intentions: a doll or two to play with plus a dozen Later Gotz to display, no make that 16 and add a 1960's showpiece ... I now own five "playing" dolls from the 1980's, 18 Later Gotz (almost all with their original outfits), three 1960's Trendon (plus my showpiece 1968 Fringe who is still on layaway), and four 1986 Trendon (their final year). I'm limiting myself to the number of dolls I can store in my new display case plus the "playing" dolls already in my possession. I'm still looking for a few specific dolls, then I'm going to have to stop buying. This will make both my husband and my bank account happy. I may need some sort of twelve-step program to help me resist temptation. Is there a Sahsas Anonymous? After all, a Sasha collection can never be truly "complete".

Here are a few pictures of my collection in the display cabinet:

Bottom Shelf

Middle Shelf (front row)

Middle Shelf (back row)

I'll be introducing the dolls who are currently on the top shelf in upcoming posts. I'm not including a group picture here, so as not to spoil the surprise when you meet them individually.

07 November 2008

Clothing Shuffle

I'm "playing" with my "displaying" dolls but sometimes it's hard to resist, especially for those not in their original outfits.

A nice eBay seller (afewdolls I think) sent along a Gotz outfit with one of my doll purchases, the pink dress and full white panties from the Daniela dress set. Sofie and Daniela are from the same year, and both have similar blonde hairstyles. I also have a white vest and white sandals from a Sarah dress set (which I don't really need seeing as I have Sarah in her original clothing), so I decided to put them to use. Sofie now looks a lot like Daniela, minus her white straw hat.

The pink plaid dress that Sofie was wearing is now on Anika, and matches her pink shoes perfectly. With their pale skin and brown hair, Stella and Anika look like sisters in their matching dresses.

Marianne needed to cover her bare feet, so I've given her the white Bonika shoes that I bought for Sofie. They're not the style of shoe she would have worn originally, but they look nice none-the-less. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll find her the correct replacement footwear.

04 November 2008

Meet Marianne

Marianne is a limited edition doll from 1995. Unlike Ira, her body is not marked in any way. Her dress has a certificate attached saying she "... was dressed in a Limited Edition of 500 dolls for 1995 subscribers of 'Friends of Sasha'." Both the certificate and a tag sewn inside her dress are numbered 153 out of 500.

Marianne is a reproduction of an early Gotz Sasha wearing a teal cord dress. She had white shoes and socks originally, but lost them at some point in her past. Her red hair has long bangs/fringe and she has the same combination of blue eyes and no freckles as Kyra (though Marianne has eyelashes and Kyra doesn't).

02 November 2008

One Girl and Her Doll

I have decided that Calla should officially belong to Boo. She enjoys playing with her so much that I've given up worrying about what might happen. And as my husband rightly pointed out, I have a lot of other dolls.

Today we dressed Calla in some bright new Nellie-Rose Doll Fashions made by eBay seller maudie-mays (these are great for children as they're cute, colorful, and easy to get on). Then I helped Boo cut a fabric scrap to create a simple triangular headscarf and a sash, which she though was great fun. I'm planning to re-read the "Advice on child sewing for dolls" thread on Sasha_Mart, as I have a feeling that information will come in handy in the not-so-distant future. Once Calla was suitably dressed, they shared some tea and a few laughs in Boo's bedroom.

01 November 2008

Meet Carmen

This is a doll after my Dad's heart -- her hair is long enough to sit on.

Carmen is a pale-skinned "modern" doll, produced in 2001. Her light colored hair and eyes accentuate her light colored skin, giving her a very different look from my other Sasha dolls. She seems Scandinavian to me. My other "modern" dolls (Stella and Anika) have brown hair, which I think helps counterbalance their lighter skin.

While she isn't a limited edition doll, she has a folder and certificate similar to Ira's (who was also produced in 2001). The front of the folder indicates she is a "Numbered Artist Design". Her certificate says "No __" with 752 written in pen (while Ira's says "No __ of 750" with 168 written in pen).