17 October 2008

Meet Kyra

Kyra is my third redhead, but she has a different look than the other two. Both Ruth and Marina have green eyes and freckles, while Kyra has blue eyes and no freckles. Her eyes coordinate with her pale blue corduroy dress.

That's a look reminiscent of the early Sashas from the 1960's, but there's more to her outfit. Kyra also has a furry coat and hat, plus a white knit scarf and mittens-on-a-string. She looks a bit like a snowman when she's all bundled up.

A glamorous snowman that is, or perhaps a Nordic Princess.


Anonymous said...

This is my only Sasha doll :) I spent ages online trying to find her name and now I have :D Mine has no mittens though :(

franberry said...

I love reading comments like this. Being a resource for others is one out he reasons I started this blog, and it's always nice to know when I've been helpful.