07 October 2008

Meet Marina

Like Luisa, Marina is styled after an earlier Trendon doll. Sasha Brunette Marina wore a marina/sailor outfit, hence her name. The later Gotz Marina wears a similar outfit, but is a redhead instead. She was produced in both 1999 and 2000. I believe my Marina is from 1999, as the booklet attached to her dress only shows dolls that were produced in 1999. I used some of the lovely flowers in my neighbor's yard as a backdrop for these photos.

Like Ruth, she has green eyes and freckles to go with her red hair. Unfortunately the freckles are a bit hard to see in this picture (I think I need a better camera to take close-up shots, as mine refuses to focus when I try).

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The Log Home Builder's Wife said...

I'm catching up on some back posts of yours. Does your camera have a "macro" feature. It is usually symbolized by a flower. Try taking close up photos with the camera in "macro" mode (if that's an option) to see if you can get better close up results. Tara