31 May 2009

Soccer Togs

A Sasha_Mart member was downsizing and spring cleaning, and had two Magic Attic soccer uniforms for sale. Since Boo has two Sashas (Calla and Rose), I bought both uniforms. Yesterday was Boo's last soccer game of the season, so we dressed the dolls in their soccer togs too. She really likes that they have shin guards and soccer cleats just like she does. Here they are all dressed up before the game.

27 May 2009

Meet Pandora

Pandora is my most recent Sasha purchase, and has jumped to the head of the blog queue. I bought her as a birthday present for myself, and thus it seemed appropriate to introduce her on my birthday. Isn't she a beauty?!

Her original stringing (white arms, striped legs) and almost-black brunette hair indicate she is from 1968. But Dorisanne Osborn's book notes that "A factory created side part was used on some of Sasha Brunette 'Party' (4-108) made in 1969-1970." Since she is not wearing her original clothing, I can think of two possibilities: she was either a very early Brunette Party, or a Brunette Gingham with an atypical side part. It doesn't matter to me either way, as she is a truly lovely doll regardless. I like her as a Sasha Party, since she makes a nice foil for Lilith, my other brunette side part.

20 May 2009

Meet Muriel

I've used Muriel as a model for a couple of previous posts even though she hadn't been formally introduced; something about her just begs to be played with. She is a 1970 Gotz no-navel "waif". Over the course of 39 years she lost her original clothes, acquired a bob haircut, and suffered a few dings.

She had quite an adventure before joining my Sasha family. From her eBay listing:
"She left the UK to travel to the USA where upon her arrival one of her legs fell off. It appears the bar that holds the hook in place had snapped and she had to go for a repair. Jan Johnson who runs the Sasha Spa and Repair Workshop has done a wonderful job fixing her leg with epoxy and whilst she was there she was treated to a full spa treatment. Muriel has been well loved and bears the marks to prove it. She has a rub to the end of her nose and a little graze to her cheek, her hair has been cut though there is none missing and her lips rubbed away with only a slight hint of colour remaining. She is looking for a new home as her new owner was unable to keep her though I know she really wanted to."
I imagine she's had plenty of other adventures she would recount if she were able to talk. And there are still more to come -- she's going to the Sasha Festival in New York with me next month.

07 May 2009

Bavarian Outfit

I posted previously about two folk costumes I purchased off eBay. I have since purchased a third, this time a Bavarian style outfit. It was made by the very talented Susan Waite from Australia (eBay seller chirnside), who also made my Swedish folk outfit. She makes such high-quality outfits with an eye for detail, and is very friendly in her communications. I feel fortunate to own two of her creations.

Here's a closer look at the vintage trim on the cap. The rest of the colors coordinate so nicely with the copper and gold roses. It really pulls together all of the pieces in the outfit.

Here are the Bavarian and Swedish outfits together, being modeled by Muriel and Lucinda (my two Gotz no-navels). They both have a cap and an apron, but the colors and styles are very different -- and yet equally charming.