20 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - post 1

When I started bringing Boo along to the festivals I had lots of spare time every evening to write a daily summary post while she was asleep. Now Boo stays up late (much too late this year - boy is she tired now) so my festival evenings are spent having fun with friends. Last year I uploaded a quick photo at the start of each event so that people could still get a little instant gratification festival fix. It worked, but it was also work. This year I've returned to my original format of thematic posts and a slideshow/album, all after the fact. Maybe waaay after the fact, but hopefully worth the wait.

The best part of festivals isn't the Childrens' Fund Auction, the Dress-A-Sasha contest, the sales room, the workshops and presentations, or even the dolls ... all of that will come in future posts. The best part of festivals is the people. See how happy I am to be spending time with these ladies!

With Tina.
With Tina and Melissa.
Can't forget the kiddos.
With Doris.
With Ann and Dorothy.
With Phyllis (who I finally met after hearing her name for years).
These are just the people that I have a picture of myself with ... pictures of many more Sasha friends will be included in my slideshow/album.