12 July 2016

Sasha Festival 2016 - post 1

As I said last year, the best part of the Sasha Festival is the people. In many cases it is a family event: sisters, spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren. In talking with people the first couple of days I was struck by the bond between generations: the mothers and grandmothers sharing their love of Sasha with their children and grandchildren, and in some cases the children providing travel support for their mothers.

I announced on Saturday afternoon that I wanted to take pictures of these generational groups and wound up with 18 represented. Apologies if I missed anyone, and a heartfelt thank you to those who allowed me to photograph them (and to Charla for taking a picture of me and Boo). I was asked by a couple of people not to include their name, and have decided to leave off all names. If you know them already then no name is required, and if you don't then perhaps you will meet them at a future festival.

Seeing the love in these pictures puts a smile on my face, and hopefully yours as well. 

10 July 2016


The adjective that best describes my blog this past year. I had plans for my usual series of posts about the 2015 Sasha Festival but never managed to execute. Between work, family, and volunteer commitments (with a wonky thyroid thrown into the mix) I just haven't had the time and energy for blogging. I wish I could say with certainty that I will find the energy and make the time this year. The best that I can say is that I will try ... starting with at least one 2016 Sasha Festival post.