31 August 2008

The Three Amigos

We now have names for our three dress-up dolls: Calla, Chloe, and Cindy.

The dark skinned dolls were called Cora, which seems old-fashioned. I started calling her Chloe instead -- still "C", still short, but more up-to-date -- and Boo had no objections. Then our other dolls arrived. I suggested Nina for the Sasha Brunette, but Boo nixed that. Her choice was Cindy since "it's a princess name" (as in Cinderella). My original thought for the Sasha Honey Blonde was Heather, which Boo didn't like either. Once the other two had "C" names, I turned to an online baby name site, where I discovered that Chloe and Cindy are both of Greek origin. I looked for "C" names of Greek origin with five letters, and found Calla. Turns out that's a princess name too, since it means Beauty (as in Sleeping Beauty). That satisfied Boo, and me too.

29 August 2008

An Introduction

I longed for a Sasha doll growing up, and saw them in high-end toy stores several times as a young adult. When I decided to purchase a dress-up doll for my daughter, I was dismayed to discover they stopped making them in 2001. Fortunately, you can still find Sasha dolls for sale on the internet. We now have three beautiful girls to play with, and a pile of clothing and shoes as well. We're still working on names to match their unique personalities. Here's Boo watching TV with "the girls" this afternoon:

Of course, this is only half the story. These are only the dolls that I allow Boo to play with; I have also begun collecting Sasha dolls for myself. Brace yourself for more posts about my latest obsession in the future.