10 February 2011

Vive la France!

If only Grand-Pere were here to give these girls a quick French lesson. Yes, Luisa, Laura, and Sarah are off to a new home in France.

Taking their picture together, I realized what a nice trio they make: a brown-eyed brunette, a green-eyed redhead, and a blue-eyed blonde, all with a similar hairstyle. As far as I can tell from their tags, they each come from a different year too: Luisa from 1997, Laura from 1996, and Sarah from 1998.

Part of me hates to see them go, but now there is a bit more room in my doll cabinets for the other girls to spread out and be seen.

04 February 2011

Royal Duo

A modern fairy tale starring Prince Gregor and Princess Sasha (who make a very cute couple).

Boy meets girl ...

... they fall in love ...

... she borrows his clothing.

02 February 2011

Meet Prince Gregor

When I bought Princess Sasha, I also bought Prince Gregor from the same seller. His outfit might seem a bit silly (though it coordinates well with Princess Sasha as you will see in my next post), but his haircut and blue eyes are adorable. Unfortunately I didn't warm up to his wig either, and he was sold on to a new home as well. He is also a limited edition, though far less rare since about 3000 were made in 1985.

I don't plan on buying any more wigged Sashas, though I may change my mind someday. I love my two re-roots though, and have already been discussing a potential third with Bettina.