24 November 2009

Ballet Costumes

As a talented ballerina, Giselle has done a lot of dancing ... and acquired a couple of costumes along the way.

Instead of the traditional short white tutu, she wears plum when portraying the Sugarplum Fairy. This special outfit was made by Ruth at the Etsy shop from daisy daisy, and is simply stunning. Here's part of her description from the listing: "The ballet dress is made in a combination of lavender silk dupion and ivory tulle. The bodice is lavishly hand-embroidered with pure silk ivory ribbon rosebuds and hand-beaded with tiny faux pearls, and is underlined and lined with cotton lawn." It really is as luxurious as she makes it sound.

I'm particularly fond of Giselle's portrayal of Princess Aurora in the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Here she's wearing a pink sparkly Wee Wardrobe outfit that I found at Beverly's Doll & Bear Boutique, and a tiara crown purchased from ebay seller lovvbugg.

Doll, ballerina, princess ... I'm living my childhood dreams in middle age. :-)

17 November 2009

Meet Giselle

Giselle is a very special Sasha doll. She is my first "no philtrum" (this groove between the nose and upper lip was added to the mold in 1968), and will probably be my only one since they are hard to find and quite expensive. As a redhead, she started life as either a "dungarees" or a "ballet". For a change of pace from my other early redheads (who all came to me with their original dungarees clothing), I've dressed her in a Repro Ballet Outfit from Ruths Dolls.

Giselle's neck/leg stringing is fairly loose, but she can stand by herself. And I'm still working on taming her hair, especially her bangs. She's beautiful now, and with a little work I'm sure she'll be even more spectacular.

Here's a final shot of her eyes. I just love her feathery lashes.

05 November 2009

New Fall Dresses

The weather is finally cooling down here, so I've changed the "five amigos" into some lovely fall dresses made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe. I was thrilled to find five coordinating dresses at a reasonable price, and even more thrilled when I saw them in person. Perfect! It took a while to get all five girls dressed, mostly because I had a hard time deciding who should wear which dress, which shoes, and which tights/socks. And of course they all needed to have their hair brushed. Whew!

I wanted an outdoor picture with leaves in the background, which was easier said than done. They're all looking upward, since otherwise the sunlight overhead cast shadows on their faces from their bangs. It's as it they're watching something in the sky off in the distance -- an airplane, the clouds, or perhaps a hawk flying past.

I moved them onto the porch where the light was less harsh, but still no one wanted to look at the camera. I think they look lovely in their new dresses regardless.

Cameo (Honey Blond Silk Dress) is definitely the shortest of the bunch; she seems quite petite in comparison to the others. I'm pretty sure she's the oldest of the quintet.

01 November 2009

Baby Clothes

Like many baby girls, Cleo has quite a wardrobe. Unlike a real baby though, she won't outgrow her clothes. It would take me weeks to find enough free time to photograph her in everything, so I'm going to start with just a few of my favorites.

This shiny red satin outfit is by K├Ąthe Kruse, and fits perfectly. I think it's a nice change from all of Cleo's pastel-colored clothes, which make photography hard since they look washed out when I have enough light to see her features clearly. I found this wicker chair for her on eBay, and she usually sits in it when she's not having her picture taken (and sometimes when she is).

I bought this pink and white dress and lace-trimmed bonnet (and the unseen shoes and diaper she's wearing) at The Sasha Wardrobe, along with several other baby items. The dress was part of the 2009 Summer Collection. Cleo has four teddy bears, but I'm keeping my eyes open for other suitably-sized baby toys.

I couldn't resist these frilly baby pants from The Doll Works. My daughter Boo had several similar pairs when she was young. The doll quilt Cleo is sitting on is from my childhood.

This white smocked dress and matching bonnet is also from The Doll Works. It is so sweet, that I'm tempted to buy the pink version too. I bought these shoes there as well, though I had a hard time keeping them on her feet as you can see. Too bad they don't make those snap-on shoelace covers (you know, the ones with the bells on top) small enough for dolls.

This three piece layette is from eBay seller misspatau, who sells "Knits by Trish". The sock monkey is Boo's (a baby for the two full-sized sock monkeys my Mom made for the kids), but she let Cleo borrow it for a photo session.

UPDATE: I meant to include another photo when I created this post. Here's Cleo wearing a cute pink babygro from Ruths Dolls. My daughter wore very similar outfits when she was a baby (only much larger of course). Very sweet!

That's definitely all for now, but I'm sure I'll be taking pictures of more baby clothes sometime in the future.