15 July 2009

Redhead Quartet

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

I promised to post comparison photos of my dungarees girls after the festival, and here they are. I took these pictures on an overcast day, so the brightness varies depending on whether the sun was behind a cloud or not. Here they are all lined up together (l to r): Harlow, Hester, Hayley, and Hedwig.

So similar, and yet so different.

Here are the two "dark" dungarees girls, Harlow (green ribbons) and Hayley (blue ribbons). They both have fairly deep bangs, though Harlow's are deeper. She also has a wider face than Hayley.

Here are the two "light" dungarees girls, Hester (thin ribbons) and Hedwig (wider ribbons). Hedwig has deeper bangs and a wider face, similar to Harlow.

Here are the two wider faced girls, Harlow (dark dungarees) and Hedwig (light dungarees).

Here are the two narrower faced girls, Hayley (dark dungarees) and Hester (light dungarees). Hester is the shortest of the four.


Lauri said...

They are so very different. Thank you for posting such great photo comparisons. Now... *whisper* do you have a favorite?

franberry said...

They're all special in their own way, but my favorite would have to be Harlow. She has an almost haughty expression (that doesn't convey well in pictures).

Anonymous said...

I had actually just decided I liked Harlow best, right before I read that she was your favorite as well. I think her "haughty" expression comes through very well in your pictures. She seems to have a bit of "attitude". I like that as well. :) I have perused your blog several times and have enjoyed it immensely. I love Carmen and enjoy having her in my home. Hope all is well with you. Best always, Elana :)

franberry said...

I think Harlow has even more of an attitude in person, but it's nice to hear that at least some of her haughtiness comes through in pictures. These four are so very different, considering they're all the "same" doll. I'm pretty sure that the dungarees' individuality is the reason my husband tolerates the "multiples" in my collection. Glad you are having fun with Carmen. I'm pruning my collection a bit, mostly due to space but also due to the cost of a few of my recent acquisitions. It's tough to choose who to part with, since each is special in her own way.
The "Christmas craziness" has started, and we're getting a new puppy too. Life is hectic! :-)