24 June 2009

Meet Hedwig

No, I didn't take out Hester's braids. I own a second redhead wearing the lighter blue dungarees.

Hedwig came to me from Shelly's UK website, and is not grubby or in need of restringing. :-) According to a tag around her neck, she is from 1969 and was called Pippa by a previous owner. She has obviously been well cared for.

Even though they are from the same year, my four redhead dungarees all look subtly different (a bit like my three blue cords). Look for comparison photos in a post after the Festival.

UPDATE: I braided Hedwig's hair, but she's still very distinct from Hester. Hedwig has deeper bangs and slightly longer braids, plus her lips are a lighter color. It will be fun to see my Dungarees side-by-side in comparison photos.

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