31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Adeline is all dressed up for Easter in an adorable rabbit outfit by Nikita (ebay seller eseascaper7) and shoes/socks by Ruthsdolls. I love the placement of the rabbit trio on the bodice and how it makes her blueberry eyes look almost blue-grey.

She has an Easter basket full of yummy treats from the Etsy shop USA Girl Dolls. I bought these last year, but due to a shipping snafu they didn't arrive until a few days after Easter. No worries - my Sashas didn't mind and the "candy" is still fresh for this year (and next year, and the year after that ...).

I think she looks rather sullen for a girl with such a large basket of yummy treats. Maybe its because she'd rather be eating candy than posing for pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!