16 December 2008

Folk Costumes

You may have seen these stunning ensembles on eBay recently. I consider them to be more works of art than doll clothing, as both have incredible attention to detail.

First is an outfit done in the style of many central European folk costumes. It looks very Polish to me, and the bright colors are just wonderful with Cybil's hair. It was made by the very talented eBay seller kmkdollshop.

Second is a Swedish folk outfit made by the equally talented eBay seller chirnside. I lost out on the bidding for a similar dress she auctioned previously, and was thrilled to win her second offering of this style.

Dressed like this, they remind me of larger versions of the "Dolls of the Nations" costume dolls that my mother used to collect when she was a girl. Perhaps one day I'll have a different country's outfit for each of my Sashas to wear.

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