30 September 2008

Sasha Addict?

I think my obsession is becoming an addiction. I was originally looking for a Sasha doll or two that I could dress with my daughter. Something like the dolls I saw in my childhood, which were probably from the early 70's. I decided to purchase dolls from the 80's, as they are plentiful and I figured they would have fewer hair and stringing issues. We now have four "playing" dolls and a mountain of clothes. But I didn't stop there because I longed to have a whole collection of Sashas that I could display and admire. I decided to focus on the Gotz dolls from the second production as they can easily be found in "as new" condition in their original outfits, many only removed from their tubes briefly. Plus that put a limit on the number of dolls to choose from, as there were roughly 30 different girls produced in this time period. I picked my favorites and set about acquiring them, both on eBay and from private sellers. I was originally planning on a dozen, but am thinking it may be more like 15 or 16 before I'm through. I thought it would be easy to stop at that -- some dolls for play and some dolls for display -- but the early girls keep pulling at me. Not the early Gotz or no philtrums, but the late 60's blondes. Their hand-painted eyes and stylish hair make their faces so compelling.

Here are photos of my latest purchase, currently on layaway (you may have seen this picture on Kelly Wenarsky's sale page). She is a Fringe Sasha from 1968, wearing a brown cord dress from the same year (not her original outfit, though she would likely have been dressed similarly or in blue cord or gingham).

Kelly kindly washed her hair for me and left it down for this picture. A very different look from above, and yet equally stunning. I can't wait until she's paid for and I can see her in person. I feel like a kid at Christmas!

UPDATE: She's finally paid for! I have decided to name her Alison.

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