07 January 2009

Meet Alison

Having purchased several "special" Sasha dolls recently, I'm having a hard time picking my favorite. This doll is certainly one of the contenders. She has absolutely gorgeous pale blue eyes! Alison is the 1968 fringe girl that I had on layaway and finally finished paying for in December. She arrived in time to don a red checked dress and join the Christmas photo.

It has been a rainy, overcast week which makes it hard to take nice Sasha pictures (I should probably invest in a good light source). Still, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking, as they can "tell" you far more about her than my words. If you click on a picture, you will see a larger version.

Here you can see how wide her dress is. This is not her original outfit, but it came from another 1968 fringe girl so it suits her well.

And finally a view from the back, to give a better look at her hair.

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