24 September 2008

Meet Stella

Stella was produced in 2000, and has pale skin and pink blush like Anika from 2001. Gotz had started shifting at least some of their dolls to this more "modern" look. She wears clogs on her feet (as did Wibke from the same year), which appear far more red in photographs I've seen of other dolls. I'm not sure if mine were always this brownish shade, or started out redder and changed over time. The dress that I put on Sofie is just a different-colored version of this dress.

She has very pale brown eyes and her original red hairclip. I don't know if Stella always came with a braid or not, but most of the dolls I've seen for sale online have a braid on her right hand side. When I received my doll the clip was simply holding a section of hair by her scalp; I added the braid and really like the way her hair looks with it.

UPDATE: From Susanna Lewis' Doll Charts, I have learned that the first Stellas produced had red clogs, while those produced later had dark maroon clogs ("dark maroon" is a better description than "brownish" as I referred to them). Thus, I must have one of the later Stellas. I have also learned that not all Stellas had a braid at the side. I'll never know for sure how my doll's hair was originally styled (I'm suspecting no braid, but since her tags were removed by her previous owner, perhaps her hair was unbraided also). I like it with the braid, but it's nice to know I can remove it and still have her look "authentic".

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