27 October 2008

Meet Ira

Ira is a limited edition doll from 2001, with an outfit modeled after one of the old studio dolls (shown on page 49 of the book Sasha-Puppen). I don't think pictures do her justice, as she's quite spectacular in person. Her dress is a beautiful ivory-colored silk brocade with pale blue trim, almost the same color blue as her eyes.

Her lace-trimmed pantaloons peek out from beneath the dress. She wears her hair in a thick braid/plait down her back with a pink and white tie and headband, held in place by a shiny black barrette. I love how it all coordinates without being matchy-matchy.

My camillias were blooming (at least I think that's what they are), so I posed her beside them for a little color. As I was taking pictures, a butterfly landed on the flower. This made for a nice photo-op, and I managed to snap a few more shots before the butterfly flew away.

She came with a certificate denoting her limited edition status and number. In addition, she is marked on her torso with her number (168 of 750) and the year 2001.

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