23 September 2008

Party Dresses

I've put off taking pictures of my Sashas as it's been so damp and overcast here lately. We had a bit of sun today, so the girls celebrated by having their picture taken in the yard. It was quite blustery, but I managed to get the dolls and their clothing to cooperate briefly. Their party dresses are all white with pink trim, but very different styles: Calla is wearing a "Nellie-Rose" creation from eBay seller maudie-mays; Cindy's dress and hat were purchased from eBay seller specialdelivery2006; and Cora is wearing a Euro Girl outfit. For a more detailed view of the dresses, click on the picture to see a larger version.

I'm discovering how difficult it is to take pictures of Cora, at least posed together with the paler girls. In most of my shots from today she appears so dark that you can barely make out her facial features. I think I need much better lighting to photograph her properly as there's so little contrast between her hair, eyes, and skin.

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