15 September 2008

Meet Sofie

Sofie didn't originally appeal to me, probably because of her outfit (from the tools, I think she's supposed to be a carpenter). But I found her for a good price and decided I could always change her clothes. She was produced in 2000, and came to me in mint condition - only removed from her tube to have pictures taken. When Sophie arrived and I saw her pretty face, I was glad that I decided to add her to my collection.

Next it was time for some pretty clothes to replace the coveralls. I purchased a pink and white Sasha dress made by Gotz in 2001 (still in its packaging), some white Mary Jane shoes, and a pair of lace-trimmed socks. With a wide ribbon in her hair, she's a changed girl.

Her hair is very straight and sleek, and she looks so much better to me now. More childlike.

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