02 March 2010

Bedroom Furniture

Boo received bedroom furniture for Calla and Rose at Christmas, specifically an armoire and bunk bed (that can be separated into single beds). They were handcrafted and hand painted by the folks at Buchmanns Toymaker Shop.

The armoire is now stuffed full of clothes, with shoes and socks in the drawer.

The bunk bed is more suitable than the baby doll bed they used to share, and fits them well. Here Calla wears her Nellie Rose pajamas and Dollydetroit slippers, while Rose has on a Euro Girl nightgown and slippers.

I wonder if they argued over who got to sleep on the top bunk.

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DollMum said...

lovely bunk beds and storage for all the clothes. We got Pintoy bunks and wardrobe (as they are called in the UK) for my younger daughter last year, but as her doll collection has grown I've made sleeping bags as well. Even so, I don't think all the dolls have something to sleep in!