14 January 2009

It's Pajama Time

I've been too busy to take Sasha pictures recently, but today I managed to find a free moment. Please pardon the cluttered background and bad lighting, but the dolls are in the family room and I didn't have time to move them to more photogenic surroundings. Boo received a bed for Calla for Christmas, and she's been hanging out there the past couple of weeks. I decided to put the girls into their pj's for a group photo with the new bed. Cindy, Cathy, Cybil, and Chloe are all wearing nightwear made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe. Calla is lounging in a pair of pajamas that Enid was wearing when I purchased her; they are tagged Nellie-Rose and were thus made by eBay seller maudie-mays. Everyone's hair is a bit mussed as there was no time for brushing hair either, but in this setting perhaps it can be construed as bedhead.

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