18 July 2021

Sasha Festival 2021 - post 10

It’s always hard to say goodbye on Sunday, but we also learn the details of the next year’s festival so instead it becomes ‘I hope to see you next year’. Sharon and Carol, the upcoming hosts, made the announcement after breakfast.

Sasha Festival 2022 will be held July 21-24 in Syracuse, NY. The theme is “Sasha Celebrates Christmas in July”. Start making your plans to be there!

A huge thank you to the Sasha Festival 2020/2021 hosts Lauri, Gee, and Gabrielle Bolland! Hosting a festival is a lot of work, made even more so by the pandemic and postponement.

The raffle baby is on his way to a new home with a delighted winner. This was a lot of fun to pull together and I hope he and his bounty will be enjoyed for many years to come.

And then it was time for the goodbyes, or should I say ‘hope to see you next years’. I’m terrible at selfies, but thanks to the generosity of friends I have a few pictures with me to share.

I’m at the airport now, waiting at the gate for my flight to start boarding. I will try to find time in the next couple of weeks to post more of the CFA items, but life is crazy-busy so no promises. It has been a lot of fun blogging from the festival again, a gift to anyone who was unable to attend this year. I hope to see you next year - Syracuse or Bust!


DollMum said...

I'm so pleased your raffle prize was won by one of the children who attended the festival. I agree, saying goodbye at the end of a happy festival is sad. Let's hope we can join you next year.

phyll2 said...

Next year in Syracuse! Thanks again Bollands for a great theme this year. And yes, truly a gift for us, Fran!

hand made for sasha said...

Thank you so much for sharing. It was enjoyable to read your post and to look through all of the pictures from the festival! I am hoping to go next year and see it in person :)

Unknown said...

Mt granddaughter Presleigh won the Sasha baby and gear she made room on her dresser for all his toys and out his outfits in a doll dresser.