03 February 2009

Meet Lucinda

The Sasha dolls that I knew growing up were those that were readily available in the US, the English Sashas. Until I went searching for them as an adult, I didn't even realize that there were other different-looking Sashas that were made in Germany. Many people love them, but I don't find the Early Gotz dolls particularly appealing. Then I discovered the no-navels. To me they look a lot like an English Sasha with an upturned nose and thicker eyebrows. It wasn't love at first sight, but the look grew on me and eventually I decided to purchase one. I'm very glad I did, and ultimately would like to own more -- perhaps a brunette and a redhead to make a trio. Lucinda is from 1969, and is currently wearing a coral corduroy dress from Dayzees.

I am particularly enamored with her hair, which is thick and soft.

Boo is enamored with it too. She was watching me take pictures and couldn't keep her hands off Lucinda between shots. I think she thought the name Lucinda was just a variation of Cinderella, her latest fixation.

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Sasha said...

Watch out. The 60's German girls will grow on you. I didn't care for them when I first saw them either, and I still don't like all of them, but I've grown to like them more and more. The variety in looks is truly amazing. And some I find just gorgeous, like Claudia's redhead on the facebook album. I do hope to own one some day.--Tara