21 October 2009

Meet Cleo

After seeing all the lovely dolls at the Sasha Festival, I added two new dolls to my wish list. One was a dark black baby girl. Not long afterward, I managed to find what I was looking for on Ruby Lane. She came in her original box with a styrofoam cradle; using Susanna Lewis' charts, I was able to date it/her as being from March 1972-1974 (a type II-A box). Her arms don't want to stay up, but I know that's easy to have fixed. Otherwise she is just perfect!

I have lots of clothes for her, and will take more pictures when the weather cooperates. She needs good sunlight or her features get lost (I have similar problems when taking pictures of Chloe). I followed the same naming tradition as my other "dressing" dolls (who are from the 1980's) -- starting with C, Greek origin -- but she has four letters rather than five since she's smaller.


DollMum said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Still haven't got a Sasah doll myself but enjoy looking at your collection.

PrairiePosy said...

Love your sweet little baby Cleo, Fran! I got my Baby White Suit, named Lola, in the sales room at my very first Sasha Festival in Lowell, Mass. back in 2003. She has accompanied me to every Festival since! You may have even met her at this last year's Festival.