11 September 2008

Meet Chloe

As I stated here, I was originally looking for a Sasha doll for my daughter to play with. I found Chloe (nee Cora) on eBay. When I saw her curls I knew she was the perfect choice. Boo often wishes she had straight hair, and I was concerned that a Sasha with long straight locks would reinforce that as the ideal of beauty. A doll with hair that matched hers might convince Boo that curls were beautiful too. Chloe came to us wearing a blue gingham Sasha dress (with added lace), matching panties, and her original brown sandals and wrist tag. I do not know her year of production, but I'm assuming sometime in the 80's.

Chloe is a lighter-skinned Cora with very pink lips and dark brown eyes - an attractive combination.

UPDATE: Since my original post, I've learned a bit more about the lighter-skinned Coras. They were produced wearing a flowered dress with brown sandals (118) from 1980-1984, and a corduroy dress with black lace shoes (119) from 1985-1986. Given that my Cora was still wearing her brown sandals, I believe she is a Cora Flower Dress (118).

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