05 November 2009

New Fall Dresses

The weather is finally cooling down here, so I've changed the "five amigos" into some lovely fall dresses made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe. I was thrilled to find five coordinating dresses at a reasonable price, and even more thrilled when I saw them in person. Perfect! It took a while to get all five girls dressed, mostly because I had a hard time deciding who should wear which dress, which shoes, and which tights/socks. And of course they all needed to have their hair brushed. Whew!

I wanted an outdoor picture with leaves in the background, which was easier said than done. They're all looking upward, since otherwise the sunlight overhead cast shadows on their faces from their bangs. It's as it they're watching something in the sky off in the distance -- an airplane, the clouds, or perhaps a hawk flying past.

I moved them onto the porch where the light was less harsh, but still no one wanted to look at the camera. I think they look lovely in their new dresses regardless.

Cameo (Honey Blond Silk Dress) is definitely the shortest of the bunch; she seems quite petite in comparison to the others. I'm pretty sure she's the oldest of the quintet.


DollMum said...

Love their new dresses. Interesting that you've found there is a difference in their height - I thought they'd all be the same height, but maybe this is because of different manufacturers.

franberry said...

Same manufacturer, different molds; basically the dolls grew over time. An explanation from Sasha Doll UK:
"Dolls varied greatly in height. They started of at 15.5 inches, but by the end of manufacture were approx 17 inches this being due to moulds being re-cast many times."