20 May 2009

Meet Muriel

I've used Muriel as a model for a couple of previous posts even though she hadn't been formally introduced; something about her just begs to be played with. She is a 1970 Gotz no-navel "waif". Over the course of 39 years she lost her original clothes, acquired a bob haircut, and suffered a few dings.

She had quite an adventure before joining my Sasha family. From her eBay listing:
"She left the UK to travel to the USA where upon her arrival one of her legs fell off. It appears the bar that holds the hook in place had snapped and she had to go for a repair. Jan Johnson who runs the Sasha Spa and Repair Workshop has done a wonderful job fixing her leg with epoxy and whilst she was there she was treated to a full spa treatment. Muriel has been well loved and bears the marks to prove it. She has a rub to the end of her nose and a little graze to her cheek, her hair has been cut though there is none missing and her lips rubbed away with only a slight hint of colour remaining. She is looking for a new home as her new owner was unable to keep her though I know she really wanted to."
I imagine she's had plenty of other adventures she would recount if she were able to talk. And there are still more to come -- she's going to the Sasha Festival in New York with me next month.

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