06 July 2009

Sasha Festival 2009 - post 5

This is my last post about the festival, highlighting some of the clothing I acquired there. The festival souvenir outfits were shown in a previous post, but I came home with quite a few additional outfits.

First is last year's festival souvenir outfit, modeled by Rose. (Dorothy isn't usually pictured as a blonde, but Boo really wanted one of her dolls to wear it.) I won this at the Children's Fund Auction as part of a group of 2008 Sasha Festival Souvenirs. Sweet!

Second is another outfit I won at the Auction, modeled by Cathy. Peggy Trauger made this top and jumper with an embroidered child flying a kite. She was at the Auction, and graciously posed for a picture with Muriel and me afterward.

Third is the dress I wound up with at the Sasha Gift Exchange, modeled by Chloe. It was made by Wilma Robards, who I spent quite a bit of time talking with over the course of the weekend. (The gift I brought was a Liberty floral dress made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe, which Tina wound up with.)

Fourth is a crochet dress I purchased at the Sales Room, modeled by Cameo. This dress was made by Barbara Jo Keats, who sold a wide variety of items crocheted using cotton thread. I was planning to buy a dress with a fabric bottom, but fell in love with this all-crochet one.

Fifth is another outfit I purchased at the Sales Room, modeled by Cindy. This beaded dress with leggings was made by Kathryn Goodwin. She also had some cute homemade leather moccasins, but I was out of money. Perhaps I'll buy a pair next year, but for now I have these black suede moccasins that I won in the Helper Raffle.

Sixth is a pale green smocked dress I won in the Helper Raffle, modeled by Cybil. I was too rushed today to iron it, so I'm only showing the top ... perhaps I should pretend I've just chosen to focus on the smocking. :-)

Believe it or not, there is still more! I won two baby outfits (one at the Auction and one in the Helper Raffle), but don't have a Sasha baby to model them - yet. I was hoping I'd win one of the auction or raffle babies. I also won three other auctions: a striped knit hat, a set of 10 Studio Doll Museum postcards, and some Sasha collectibles including a set of 20 Trendon postcards and a Sasha logo pin. Plus I won several other items in the Helper Raffle, including two tea sets. How did I manage to get everything home?!

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