19 October 2008

Display Cabinet

I finally purchased a display cabinet from Ikea for housing my Sasha dolls. My plan is to remove the three adjustable shelves, giving me three tall sections to arrange them in. Hopefully there will be enough room, both space-wise and height-wise (it's about 3 feet wide and almost 7 feet tall). Now I need to find time to assemble it, which will probably require my husband's help (both of the boxes are very heavy). It will be nice to have all the dolls out where I can see them together, but I think my husband will be shocked when he realizes just how many dolls I've acquired. I may be shocked too. Here's a picture of the cabinet as shown on Ikea's website:

UPDATE: We assembled it today! Actually, my husband assembled it today while I alternated between keeping the kids occupied and handing him the correct hardware. The middle section is the "shortest" of the three, and plenty tall enough for Sashas to stand in. The top and bottom sections have quite a bit of excess height. I was hoping to partition each of them into two sections -- one tall for Sashas and one short (at the top/bottom) for document/project storage boxes where I could keep tags, booklets, original clothing, etc. Unfortunately the "adjustable" shelves are only minimally adjustable, with all the pre-drilled holes near the midpoints of the sections. Fortunately my husband says he can drill additional holes to give me the configuration I want. He's a pretty handy guy, and so very tolerant of my doll habit. :-)

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