26 August 2009

Sneak Peek

Earlier in the year, I noticed a doll for sale on Shelly's website (Sasha Doll UK) referred to as a "Redhead Sneak". She was a late-60's brunette that had been rerooted with saran hair by Bettina and styled as a Dungarees. Alas, the doll was sold by the time I'd checked the site. I wanted one. A month or two later there was a similar doll, also sold by the time I'd checked the site. I wanted one even more. So I emailed Shelly, who put me in touch with Bettina in Germany. We chatted back and forth via email and she agreed to make me one of my own. Rerooting is a time-consuming process, so it took a while -- but it was well worth the wait! My doll just arrived from overseas and is getting settled in. I'm going to save her official introduction for a bit, but thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my redhead sneak using the pictures that Bettina emailed me as she was working.

Here is the head at the start, belonging to a 1969 brunette who had falling hair. She looks almost pitiful in this picture, and yet still so beautiful.

Just for fun, Bettina emailed me a picture of the half-finished head. What a contrast! And she looks cute with all those braids.

Here's "Lady Godiva" with all of her hair. Wow! It was tempting to just leave her like this, with no bangs/fringe and really long hair.

Instead, I asked Bettina to style her like a proper 1969 Dungarees girl. She emailed me pictures of the finished doll, but I don't want to spoil the surprise now. Look for Rowena to be formally introduced in the next month or so.


Bettina has a website with lots of lovely Sasha pictures. The English Version doesn't appear to be complete, so I navigated the original using my rudimentary German knowledge from high school (many years ago): fotoalben=photo albums, mode=fashion, schuhe=shoes... I discovered a brunette Gotz wearing a yellow dress and socks that looked surprisingly familiar -- like an outfit I recently purchased off Shelly's site. It's currently on Muriel, so I emailed Bettina a picture. It is indeed the same outfit (she made it by hand from the original Migros patterns); Bettina sold the doll and the new owner didn't want to keep the outfit. What a neat conicidence!

The Sasha Hospital page is under construction in the English Version. Alas, my German isn't good enough to translate everything on the page. I know she does rerooting, and I believe she does restringing too. If you're looking for someone to help your ailing Sasha, send Bettina an email and see if she can help.

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Lauri B said...

She's going to be a beauty! I love Bettina's site, and have used my children's rudimentary German to help me navigate. :) I also use the English translation button for firefox, which helps for the text pages.

What a lovely coincidence with the dress. :) Sasha Serendipity!