21 September 2009

Meet Rowena

I gave a Sneak Peek at Rowena almost a month ago, using pictures taken by Bettina during the rerooting process. She is a 1969 brunette who has been rerooted with saran hair, and given the hairstyle of a dungarees girl from that time period. Her clothes have arrived (I purchased her nude then ordered a Repro Dungarees Outfit from Ruths Dolls), and I've finally found time to take some photographs. As you can see, she looks spectacular!

She may have started life as a brunette, but she makes a stunning redhead. I just love her thick braids!

I am grateful that Bettina gave her a new life, and feel very fortunate to have Rowena in my home. She may not be a "true" dungarees, but she looks great with my Redhead Quartet, as you'll see in my next post.

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Lauri B said...

Amazing! She looks fabulous!