20 May 2014

Adios Amigos

These pictures of "The Five Amigos" (formerly three, then four) were taken at the same time as the pictures in my previous post. 

I wanted to document these five as a group one last time. Unfortunately I needed to sell a few dolls, since I'd decided to fund all new Sasha purchases through the sale of other Sashas. Hard to say goodbye, but two of these five are gone now, along with two babies (Cleo and an unnamed nightdress boy). Adios my lovelies, and best of luck in your new homes.

19 May 2014

80's Girls Original Outfits

A while back I was perusing Sasha group facebook posts and realized that the newer dolls are so often overlooked in the excitement surrounding the older dolls. Of course the newer English dolls aren't all that new, since they're 30ish years old themselves. And while they lack the hand painting of the earlier dolls, they are still gorgeous in their own right.

Here is a group shot of all the 80's dolls in the house at that time, my six and Boo's two. From left to right: Cathy, Rose, Cameo, Calla, Cybil, Chloe, Cindy, and Iris. This picture is currently on the main page of the sashafestival.com website. 

It was a long photo shoot, with lots of chatting between takes.

And here are just my six, the Five Amigos and Iris (who never really warmed to the idea of being an Amigo). The size differences are really apparent when they're all lined up.

Cathy: Blonde Sweater. She has the most serene face, and just might be my favorite of this group (but shhhh, don't tell the others). She wants to be a pilot someday.

Cameo: Honey Blonde Silk Dress. She is so petite compared to the others, and likely from the early 80's. She also likes to stand with her toes pointed out - ballet training in her past?

Cybil: Redhead White Dress. She came to me in mint condition, still strapped into her box. Not a great way to spend 25 years in my opinion, but she's made up for it since.

Chloe: Cora Flower Dress. She came to me in gingham, but given her age this is the correct outfit for her. She is the first Sasha doll that I ever bought. Hard to capture in photographs, but very pretty.

Cindy: Brunette Red Pinafore(?). She came to me nude, and could possibly have been a Dancing Dress, Marina, or Red Pinafore. She toyed with being Marina, but decided the pinafore suited her style.

Iris: Black Haired Sari. She was named for the color of her sari. At one point I had four of these girls, ~1% of all made! When I decided to sell all but one, she wasn't the one I originally planned to keep. But she was my mom's favorite, which prompted a second look - and a second decision.

18 May 2014

"Snapshots from Childhood"

Time to finish up with posts related to the 2013 festival since the 2014 festival is almost here...
This was Boo's second Dress-A-Sasha entry (her first was "Little Miss Muffet" at the 2012 festival). The theme was "Snapshots from Childhood", replicating a childhood photo. Boo wanted to use Sara, my rerooted "mini Boo" toddler, for obvious reasons. We looked through old photos and found one of her at around the right age  -- that sweet face! (and those skinny legs).

Luckily we have three of those monkeys in different sizes (daddy, mommy, and baby) so Sara could hold the smallest. And the outfit was easy for her to manage as well since Sashapotamus sells similar onesies. Boo took a picture of our bookshelf and our wooden floor to set the scene, and that was it.

You wouldn't know it from the forced smile in this photo, but she was happy to win first place in the "assembled by" child category.

17 May 2014

Festival Charm Bracelet

At the 2013 Sasha Festival we each received a bracelet with a special charm. I planned to look for charms to commemorate the other four festivals I've attended (two for Boo), and I finally succeeded with that plan. Here are the charms that I'm adding to Boo and my bracelets -- she helped select hers. They look huge here, but are actually pretty tiny.

Now to find something for Phoenix/Arizona ... can you tell I'm getting excited?!

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 8

One final post showing items I brought back from the festival. These are the table hostess gifts that Boo and I received -- well gift, as I hosted a table on Friday and there were no hostesses on Sunday. Sheila was the Hostess with the Mostest, and stuck with the Childhood theme like I did ... toys, games, tote bag, toy box, and a red "superhero" cape (modeled by Adeline).

Sorry for the very belated post. I forgot to click the "publish" button back in August and didn't notice. I've been busy with my job (started in fall of 2012, with a long daily commute), kids, menagerie, and too much volunteering. ;-) Hopefully I'll be able to carve out more time for blogging in the not-so-distant future.