07 April 2010

Two Marinas

There are two distinctly different Sasha dolls known as Marina. The Early English Sasha dolls are often referred to by their original clothing, in this case a sailor or "Marina" outfit. These dolls were produced from 1981 to 1986. The later Gotz dolls were given unique names, and their similarly-dressed girls are named Marina. They were produced in 1999 and 2000.

I call my 1980's brunette Cindy. She was purchased nude, and I have no idea of her history. She may or may not have been a "Marina" as she could also have been a "Red Pinafore" or "Dancing Dress" (the other brunettes from the same time period). I found her an original "Marina" outfit and have dressed her as such for these photos with my Gotz Marina.

The dolls themselves are quite different. Gotz Marina is a green-eyed redhead with freckles, while English "Marina" is a brown-eyed brunette who is considerably taller (as is the case with most of the dolls from the 80's). They both wear navy blue and white sailor outfits, but with the top and skirt colors swapped. Gotz Marina has a tie with long tails attached to her collar and low ankle socks, while English "Marina" has a tie with short tails around her neck and tall knee socks. Their shoes are completely different styles; Gotz Marina wears blue ankle-strap shoes, while English "Marina" wears black laced shoes.

I think they look marvelous together:


Courtenay said...

I enjoyed your post about your "Marinas." I, too, have a Marina I got for Christmas as a child... early 1980s, Trendon. Her name is Megan. However, she came (original costume) with leather (or leatherette) fisherman's sandals, no socks. The rest seems exactly as your Trendon Marina's. This seems to be less common, I have not seen it much. Have you?

Asa Fredriksen said...
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