14 February 2010

Meet Sara

This adorable little girl began life as a Gotz Toddler Claudius from 2001. S/he was given a complete re-root with auburn mohair by Bettina, and transformed into Sarah. I kept the name, but changed the spelling to Sara to avoid confusion with my other Gotz Sarah (or "Sarah with an H" as she's now known). Sara came to me wearing this sweet outfit, carrying her Christmas stocking and a special bag (made from the mohair that was combed out during the rooting and styling process, then spun and crocheted).

She has the most marvelous wavy hair, like Boo's but thicker and not as unruly. I am smitten!

She agreed to put down her stocking in exchange for a Valentine ...

... make that two Valentines. She drives a hard bargain, resembling Boo in yet another way.

Speaking of Boo, she is enamored with Sara's "soft" hair. What a cute pair!


LauriB said...

They're both absolutely adorable! I love Boo's Hanna Andersen outfit! Gracie wore them for years.

Sarah said...

Adore these photos! The time goes so fast! Live from the other Sarah with an H! Xxx

Sarah said...

Love not live!!!