27 January 2009

Meet Cameo

Having given Calla to Boo, I began seeking a replacement "fifth amigo". It was tempting to find another Sasha Honey Blonde Party, since I love the hair color. Instead I bought a Sasha Honey Blonde Silk Dress (101) -- same hair color, but with brown eyes like the rest of the amigos (and me). It was also tempting to call this doll Calla, but I managed to come up with another name that fit the pattern (starting with "C", five letters long, and of Greek origin) -- Cameo.

Considering that she is roughly 25 years old, both she and her clothes are in remarkably good condition. The only real issue is a green dot on the back of her neck, caused by corrosion on the snap on her dress. Her socks still have quite a bit of elastic but I like them slouched down; I often wear my socks like this.

Despite the fact that they are both honey blondes, she has a very different look from Calla. It's not just because of the eye color; her hair is a slightly different shade and her bangs are narrower. It think it's also partly because she's older. The "Silk Dress" girls were made from 1981-84 while the "Party" girls were made from 1985-86.

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