22 February 2010

Girls With Curls

I didn't find time to take pictures for my planned post, so I decided to share another picture of Boo with Sara. Today was rainy, and high humidity always makes Boo's hair curl-o-rific. She was exceptionally cute when I picked her up from school, and more than willing to pose for another picture with the "soft-haired doll".


Tina Gross said...

Francine, Boo is too beautiful (in this picture..as always)!! This is the perfect pic. They really look a lot alike. So lovely.

Pandora said...

Lovely photographs and what a photogenic little girl Boo is. This photo is perfect.

DollMum said...

They both look so delightful - Boo has lovely hair (though I hope it doesn't hurt to brush it).

There is an award for you on my blog ;-)