23 October 2008

Meet Cybil

Cybil came to us still tied into her box, thus I know she is a Sasha Redhead White Dress (108). She's certainly from the 1980's though I'm not positive about the date. The booklet in her box says "Catalogue No 25, Issue 1, November 1983", but it shows Harlequin (1984) with the limited edition dolls, so I'm assuming she'd be considered a 1984 doll, not 1983. Unlike Calla and Cathy, I thought to take a picture before I removed her.

After roughly 25 years in a box, she was a bit unhappy. Her hair took some coaxing, especially the bangs, and there are lines on her clothing at the ankles and shoulders from the rubber bands which held her to the box. Still, she looks pretty stunning here standing in the sunlight by my neighbor's driveway.

I understand why these redheads are sought after, because her hair is the most marvelous color, or should I say colors. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to capture it properly, but you can see it here especially in the bangs.

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Sasha said...

Hi Fran, I just found your blog on Susanna's page. How fun! Thanks for introducing us to all your wonderful dolls. I will have to come back and catch up on your earlier posts.

I just added a Trendon redhead to my collection too, and that makes me happy, happy, happy. They are lovely girls aren't they?
Tara (aka MamaT)