06 July 2011

Sasha Saris

I currently own four Sasha Saris, each wearing a different color sari. I have been holding out on introducing them on my blog because I wanted to wash their hair first, and with four of them that's a time-consuming project. Each of them had bangs that stuck out in several directions, and their hair seemed clumpy in back. I finally dug out my mild shampoo last week and made time to wash and dry their hair. Wow, what a difference! I was planning to sell all four as part of my consolidation, but they look so lovely now that I've decided to keep one as my sixth Amigo.

When I redressed them I wrapped their saris differently, to go over the shoulder and not the head. This is more in keeping with how I've known people to wear their saris, plus it keeps their hair from getting so mussed.

Isn't their black hair gorgeous?!

They are from 1986, the final year of production for the English Sashas, and only around 400 were made before the factory closed. That means these are roughly 1% of all the Sasha Saris made. They lack the hand painting of the earlier dolls, but they still look slightly different from each other.

I will introduce them individually shortly.


Serenata said...

Love the Saris, aren't they pretty. Think the blue would have to be my favourite, but the Sashas are all subtly different as you say.

Anonymous said...

Which one are you going to keep...tough decision for you....:)

franberry said...

It was a tough decision. You'll find out the answer tonight as I introduce them individually on the blog.

SimplySasha said...

You made the right choice Fran!!

Janet said...

Well, I know I'd pick the one in red, if I had to pick one!

Lisa Walker said...
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