30 September 2008

Meet Cathy

I decided to purchase another "playing" doll to counterbalance the long locks of Cindy and Calla. Keeping with the theme of my other girls, the obvious choice was a Sasha Blonde Sweater (112); she is the only Trendon Sasha produced with short hair. As I posted previously, the doll I purchased needed restringing, but she now stands and poses nicely. Thanks Pat! She looks quite bland in her original "beige" outfit (what were they thinking with this?). I don't think she will be wearing it much beyond these pictures.

Her hair is still a bit funky from laying in her box for so long, but I've brushed and styled it a bit and it's starting to look better. I was worried she would be mistaken for a Gregor at first, but no longer feel that way.


Anonymous said...

your blog is very nice and dolls are so lovely ! I am a starter in collectionning sasha dolls and i would like to know how you can recognize cathy from gregor ?
Thank you by advance for your answer !


franberry said...

There are a few exceptions, but for the most part the girls have eyelashes and the boys don't.

Sometimes people sell dolls they think are male/Gregor, but they are actually a Sasha who received a haircut in the past (often a poor haircut by a "junior hairdresser", but sometimes a decent bob). If they have eyelashes it's most likely a female/Sasha.
Also, if you look at pictures of Gregors their hair is usually rounded in the front by their face - what I would have referred to as a "bowl cut" growing up, while Sasha Sweater's hair (I've named mine Cathy) seems a bit longer at the temples in my opinion.
And of course it helped that this doll came in her original box and wearing her original clothes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed I ask you this question because my mother bought a sasha doll in the past (1980 or around) when the factory was selling out all the dolls. This doll looks like a gregor but was wearing an original outfit of a girl (blue dress and skirt visible in the cover of the 1985's catalogue). She (or he) doesn't have eyelashes. She has blue eyes but she has the same kind of hair that your cathy. So I don't know if there was an error when selling this doll (due to the fact that all dolls were sold out at this moment) or if it's really a girl !
anyway, these dolls are really lovely and as a doll collectionner, I really begin to love them !