29 September 2009

Dollydetroit by Tina Gross

My friend Tina has been working on a new project ... her own website: Dollydetroit by Tina Gross. Right now it's basically a showcase for past outfits that she's made for Sasha, but she hopes to do more with it in the future. I've added it to my LINKS section in the left sidebar for future reference.

Check it out when you have a chance!

26 September 2009

Redhead Quintet

Here are a couple of pictures of Rowena (my "redhead sneak" who started life as a 1969 Brunette Gingham) along with four 1969 Redhead Dungarees. She fits in nicely with the group, adding another dimension to the original quartet.

Height perception is a bit distorted in this picture since they are standing in an arc; the two at the ends are closer to the camera.

I think she looks most like Hester (in the light dungarees and thin green hair ribbons).

21 September 2009

Meet Rowena

I gave a Sneak Peek at Rowena almost a month ago, using pictures taken by Bettina during the rerooting process. She is a 1969 brunette who has been rerooted with saran hair, and given the hairstyle of a dungarees girl from that time period. Her clothes have arrived (I purchased her nude then ordered a Repro Dungarees Outfit from Ruths Dolls), and I've finally found time to take some photographs. As you can see, she looks spectacular!

She may have started life as a brunette, but she makes a stunning redhead. I just love her thick braids!

I am grateful that Bettina gave her a new life, and feel very fortunate to have Rowena in my home. She may not be a "true" dungarees, but she looks great with my Redhead Quartet, as you'll see in my next post.

17 September 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

There's an expression "the shoes make the outfit", and I think that applies whether you're a human or a doll. I often see questions about where to find shoes on the Sasha Yahoo Groups, and thought it would be helpful to have a list. For anyone looking to purchase shoes for their Sashas, here are the places I've found online. Let me know of any resources I've missed, and I'll add them below.
I've labeled this post to make it easy to find when it's no longer the most recent. Simply find the LABELS section in the left sidebar, then click on shoes.

These links are for the shoe listings themselves, not necessarily the main websites.

09 September 2009

Meet Nola (before)

Nola is my third Gotz no-navel. Like Lucinda, she is from 1969; like Muriel she is a "waif". Over the course of 40 years she's lost her original clothes, acquired a bad haircut, and had an eyebrow nearly rubbed off. In spite of all this, she is an absolutely beautiful blue-eyed redhead. I took her outside today for some photos in the clothes she arrived in, a blue knitted dress and panties. (I've seen this pattern at some point, but don't recall where.) -- see update below

Her stringing is tight, but something is amiss as her right arm wants to stay twisted back. When that is sorted out, I'll decide if I want to do anything about her hair and/or eyebrow.

UPDATE: Victoria left a comment and mentioned seeing this dress on Bettina's website. I checked her "Mode" (fashion) photos, and saw a very similar dress labeled "Dolls Designs". After some web surfing, I found the pattern (bearing the picture I recall seeing): "Dolls Designs" KP50 by Patricia Evans and Jane Woodbridge. I think I must have seen it on eBay at some point.

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04 September 2009

More Audrey

I introduced Audrey in December, on an overcast day that wasn't conducive to picture taking. Those indoor shots really don't do her justice, so I decided to try again. When I had my blue cord girls outside for pictures on Sunday, I took a bunch of Audrey alone in several different poses. Enjoy!