30 January 2011

Hobby Day

Friday was Hobby Day for the second grade, and each child was asked to bring something related to one of their hobbies. Boo decided her hobbies were dolls, nature, and "screen time" (wii and computer games) -- and brought her dolls. I was thrilled! Calla and Rose were dressed in their fancy gowns, with name cards, a printout of blog posts featuring Boo, and information on the upcoming Sasha Festival. Alas, I didn't get to see it all set up on her desk.

I was lunchtime reader for the class though, and decided to bring some of MY hobby to share -- four of my Sasha dolls. I contemplated bringing a doll-themed book to read, but instead I brought "The Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain" by Denise Ortakales. I explained the doll connection to the class, but it was perfect in other ways too; they're studying Native Americans now, and I grew up in Maine and saw the Old Man of the Mountain on a Girl Scout trip roughly 35 years ago.

I enjoyed talking about doll collecting, reading the book, and answering questions about Sasha dolls and the Old Man of the Mountain. Several girls asked if they could touch my dolls before I left, and they gravitated to Giselle in her beautiful blue tutu (they were awed that someone made it for me). Kids are so much fun at this age.

I don't have any pictures from school, but here are the dolls that I brought with me. I figured they were a nice representation of the variations. And Sara, Lucinda, and Chloe are all shown in blog posts with Boo.

Since we'd been discussing hobbies, Boo and I worked on her Brownie Hobbies Try-It (badge). She brought the same doll items to her patrol meeting today. The Sasha London is on a bag from The Sasha Wardrobe which she carried everything in, and she had a picture of my doll cabinets as well.

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