19 January 2010

Dressed For A Ball

I believe it was Ted Menten (the illustrious Sasha Street blogger) who noted that adults like to dress dolls like children, while children like to dress dolls like adults. When I last saw Calla and Rose they were still beside the little white tree wearing their Christmas dresses. Apparently Boo decided they needed a change, as they're now standing on a chair in the family room wearing long gowns. Calla's pink dress is from Nellie Rose, while Rose is wearing a Magic Attic party dress.

I must have missed the announcement, but apparently His Royal Highness Christopher Rupert Vwindemier Vlandamier Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James is giving a Ball!


jenann said...

I think Boo has given her doll girls the chance do what most little girls like to do, play dress up. I once heard my daughter whispering to her favorite doll that they would 'borrow' my make-up next time I was out. Her poor doll looked like a clown the next day as she was brought downstairs to show off her beauty treatment!

Kirsten L. said...

They're very pretty! The dresses look lovely on them!